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Finally I missed a day of blogging, just couldn't find the time to spend alone and write something yesterday, that's it. But that's not a tragedy, this month I won't blog everyday here on RSD Nation, because I'm making a conscious decision to spend less time, that is less days, in field. Rearranging my activities a little bit here.

First, let's look back on the month of March. It was one great cool and fun month to have. I was going out 5 days a week (except for the last week - only 4), and doing 5+ approaches on average per day out. I closed down several numbers and had some instant dates, couple of kisses, all was good!

It was almost exclusively day game, but I hit a couple of nights too, to mix it up a little.

Blogged every single day!

A lot of positive reference experiences overall. It's all preparation for the big show. I am already thinking about this summer, I'd love to go out every day/night for the whole summer. That would be [92 days challenge] SICK. Hard-fucken-core. This kind of marathon race would require some preparations for me, if I want to make it. Like prepare for it physically and mentally, as well as financially, and preferably find a wing or some kind of support and a good place(city) to do it. Set myself in motion and get accustomed and prepared for this kind of lifestyle in May, burn some bridges and move all-in.

That would be one way to do it, one hell-of-a-summer, I get excited just thinking about this.

Naturally I have to take care of some other parts of my life before that, hence I'm stepping back away a little for April. I can't do day2s and I can't hit night game, so it's starting to feel like a form of social masturbation anyway.

So yeah, not a lot of field reports this month probably, focus more on my financial area, travelling and find other ways to challenge myself, still socialize with people though, lol. No cave meditation retreat hopefully.

Get louder while interacting with people, just consciously go for it. Self control to speak louder.

Write and read.

Have fun.

That is all!

Everybody who followed my blog, I thank you! and I wish you to have one RAD APRIL, tear it all apart! Yeah, and I'll see you, brothers.
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