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Hey hey, 'nother day in field, of challenge and fun!

For warm-up I listen to trance music, shout some nonsense sounds in the car and have a small talk in the waiting line with a very cute girl, but she was with her chode boyfriend, so no hitting/heating on. She liked me though, poor girl, has to go home with him, yuck.

Anyway in field I stall from the beginning and don't approach that first girl I see, nor second, nor third for that matter. Walk for quite a while until I finally walk up to some girl, first two were nothing special, and I got in my head again. However I decided to amp it up and just go for it, challenge myself a little.

Therefore I hit on the next girl hard, so hard I creeped her out I'm afraid. Hot girl. She took her headphones off to talk with me, but I pushed her away, lacked that nice flow, felt like a creepy dude. Blooow out.

And guess what? Nothing happened! Nothing bad, I mean. I walked about hundred meters away, and still was alive, feeling zero pain and a little pleasure inside that I stepped up. Coool.

Next I hit on a girl who's on the phone, she's tempted, but no.

Then I hit on "girl of the day", very hot blondie, very challenging situation too, there were like dozen chodes sitting on the benches, watching me approach (okay, most likely they were just looking at the girl, not me :)) but it was still one of those difficult situations to approach for me, felt like I'm on a spotlight.

I got rejected of course, but it was worth it.

Later I also approached a girl at a traffic light. Very proud of it.

Total six approaches, three girls had headphones on, one was on the phone and one was super hot and challenging.

Lots of fun.
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 Great work dude ! :D 
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