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After a few days of chilling (seemed like a year lol) I went out for "sarging" today. And it was strange at first, the breaks you take affects your habit to approach, at least in the beginning. It takes a little bit more time to warm up and mentally prepare for approaching girls, a little bit more "approach anxiety" than usual.

Mind tries to play its tricks "it's not you; take it easy, bro; think about the children, whatever crap". It's funny. Blasting some rap tunes into your ears helps big time, and you forget about it, and go for it. Slowly, confronting those hostile vicious girls, hahaha. 

First few sets didn't hook, though they giggled, but I was a bit of a pussy. :)

Last couple sets hooked nicely though, too bad one of them has a boyfriend. But she was hooked alright, said that it was very brave approach I did, and I'm like "lol, no way, clawing you from behind would have been brave (I stalked her from behind ^_^)" she laughs. She was okay, but looked WAY much better from behind. That's probably the biggest disadvantage of approaching girls from behind - you never know what you're gonna get :)

It was the most intimidating approach today, only because she looked so sexy from behind, then I saw her face and I relaxed. But she's nice, really nice, I had a hard on, wheee.

Last one was a number close. However... she's only 16. Dammit, again!

I'm getting a bad habit to take underage girls' numbers. Bad. But she's very fine, hot hot. I hold her hand and I feel she's blushing and shakin' a little bit. Then I hug her and let go. Take a number.

Age of consent in my country is 16. So I guess it's not that wrong, and I'm not some old creepy man, I look like a teenager myself :) am I rationalizing here? 

ABUNDANCE mentality! There are plenty of grown girls (well, in my province not that many).

Okay, main point is - that was fun. Girls are fun.

P.S. I'm on my 7th or 8th day of TR's Mental Challenge, awesome!
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dude awesome bro... i have been going out too everyday and i can see how much this approach anxiety is getting reduced. Keep up with the work bro
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