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Well, ALMOST :D got a handjob and a wet pussy, but still was left with nothing but my dick. However I love good looking titles.

I actually planned to meet with my friends and have some friendly beers and somehow incorporate this girl into our company cause she was very eager to meet me. She's my good female friend, we know each other since junior school. And to be honest I've been jerking off to her mental and internet image on several occassions, since I was about 12 years old. She's a heroine of my hand sessions. Yup. Creepy, right. I've never really hit on her before though, just kept everything in the friends zone. By the way, she's the same cockblocking from one of my night outs.

Anyway. Because my friend wasn't picking up his phone all day, we end up meeting alone. I invite her over to my place. I am cooking my dinner and it's shitty weather outside.

We smash some beers, followed up by some liquor on top, and watch a movie under the blanket. This is crazy by the way, after I tease her a little, she starts hitting me several times. WTF? I was about to throw her out at one time, but as we got physically close, I got hard and let her be.
I was a bit drunk, so I escalated whenever I had a hard dick and stopped whenever I didn't have one. Smooth organic escalation according to my natural desires.

I didn't give a shit about outcome. The girl is very cute and have a nice tiny tight body, but I had a blowjob this late morning from my gf, then a long doggy session, then in the afternoon I masturbated, and then alcohol doesn't really add up to 'get laid or die trying' attitude either. So I don't give a fuck. Figurately I'd give if she takes it, cause I want those reference experiences! What a NERD, right.

It was funny. She's giving me a hand job in the bed and I start fingering her and then she gets uptight, uncomfortable and overall childish and virgin like (she was wet and enjoying it). So I say "we can stop, if you don't wanna do it". "Ok, let's stop". "Will you escort me home?" "Yeah, sure" "I want to go home" "Okay" "Now" "Okay, in five minutes"

Dealing with bullshit like a boss. So we just continue to lay in bed, I do nothing, lose erection, and just lay there. Couple minutes later she starts jerking my dick off again. And gets me hard again, hence organically I escalate again. Again and again, until she finally jumps out of bed and leaves. Totally cool. I get dressed and escort her home. Holding 'nothing happened, we just friends' frame.

She even asked, "what are we gonna be from now on?" me "friends, of course, nothing happened". What else??

So yeah, I've either lost a friend or added some benefits to a friend. It's up to her.

That was strangely pleasant, she said. I go home and catch on some sleep.

In the morning I get all pissed off, because I found a cold sore/blister on my lip aka Herpes Labialis. Apparently, once you get the virus, it stays within your system for life! So much for being healthy motherfucker.

Damn it! She also has a bf, with whom she lives together. Whore! Nah, it's allright, I'm not judging. It could be worse.

Walking back home alone, on the empty quiet streets, I'm feeling a little empty and a little of guilt. Thinking how it's all meaningless and it's only up to me to make the most out of my life and having fun is essential because essentially nothing else really matters. Dadadda.

Pimping is not for faint-hearted. One has to develop a strong emotional foundation to be good at this.
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