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More day game. It's calm. No loud music, no crazyness, no drama. It has somewhat of a medidative air about it.

I don't warm up, don't try to unstifle my voice, no singing in the car, nothing. Wonder how will I do without it.

I also lack intent big time. Why am I talking to this girl? Not to win, not to get her. Just for playing's sake, to get better social skills, not this girl.

I do several half assed approaches. Do one good approach from the heart, a girl is a cutie and I'm aggressive with her from beginning, walk with her, but then gradually become more and more passive and let her go about her way.

Do another good approach from the heart (at least opening), but halfway in stating my interest I realise I'm not interested, something about her face turns me off and it becomes very awkward. I guess this is something what a girl experiences when she's approached in a cool way, only to realize soon that dude is a chode.

I saw one girl I really liked, we had eye contact, but she was talking with her friend so I only said hi when we passed, she said hi back to me and smiled, but I choded away.

Funny, how it is sometimes, when I talk I lack interest, when I have interest I don't talk.

I wanted to brag about something, but I have nothing. Maybe that I haven't washed my hair for a week. Nah, I should just put an end to this post.
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