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How do you sneak away to go out alone when you live together with your girlfriend, soon to be ex, already ex, whatever? Pretty easily, I guess, especially when she's lying sick with cold nose in a bed. I could have totally done it, just say I want to go out to meet my friends or something and probably she wouldn't even try to stop me or get upset or anything.

Buuuut, I used her as an excuse not to go out at all and stayed at home to play poker online. Very smooth, dude, very smooth. In reality I was just feeling uncertain of what would happen out there and felt so comfortable and warm sitting home.

So the only "in field" time I had was when I was walking a dog around the neighbourhood, and there were a few targets to work with, actually. However, one was "too old", other was "not cute enough" and another was "across the street and walking too fast". 'nuff said.

I'm really struggling with this.
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