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When you start focusing on yourself, trying to become better at the game, it opens a big can of worms, flaws previously ignored, now they float to the surface, right in your face. You could keep ignoring them, leave them to be, hidden in some secret coffret forever. And you could lead a normal and decent life.

You can easily choose to ignore things that make you uncomfortable. And that is way more easy than this shit, that we're doing here. We here defy the standards of normal society. This is hard, it's a lot like trying to swim up the stream.

Once you know there's an alternative path in life, you start to see things differently. You can't ignore reality anymore, well, you can for a while but it pulls you back in eventually. Any attempts to try and run away are futile.

You can't bend the reality, you can only bend your mind. However you like or let.

Uhh, what a satisfying mental-fucking-bation.

I don't want to bend her mind, I just want to bend her.

Now that's better.
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