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I had to go yesterday before finished the post, but I still want to finish it, so here it is, the second part.

It took me about one hour of walking around to do those approaches and it felt awesome, really it was fun, I felt like I was glowing. When I went to buy some coffee later in the evening, the cashier was blushing the entire time talking to me, she was quite a fat one, but then again, very nice of her anyway. My force is strong with fatties.

After the session in the OldTown, before going home I decided to hit the Scary Mall. Mhm, it still is scary, man. Streets are way more approach-friendly for me, less people, less pressure. I care too much about what the passing by chodes think, interesting enough, while approaching in the streetz I didn't even notice people around me, but I still care. Whatever, count down begins...

...and goes right to 0.0000001 but finally I say hi to a veeeery cute girl. She's holding something in her hand, so ask what she's selling. Worst question ever! She actually is a salesgirl and is selling some cosmetics, she drags me into her kiosk and starts showing body salts and shit. She puts some cream on my hand and rub it, and I'm on. She also asks if I have a girlfriend. I think about what to say for good five seconds or more, but I can't lie to her, so 'Yes I do'.

Fucking honesty, eh. That was the end of my game and the beginning of her sales pitch. I barely got out alive, but damn, she had such a fine sweet looking ass (almost perfect!) that I almost bought a nail polisher. I was super aroused by this girl, she's so my type but I couldn't do anything. In our interaction she was playing her game and I was the sucker.

That's what you get for not stating your intentions right away. You get PAIN in the ASS. I'll hit her up again some other day, after more going out and approaching.

Awesome day for me. I don't remember when was the last time I've approached so much in one day. Loooong time ago. The mall is still scary but I'm positive now.

In conclusion, self talk is very important when you go out solo. Personally, I respond better to positive feedback, so saying to myself 'you didn't approach that girl, you little bitch, go and kill yourself' and beating myself up is not working for me, what is working for me is 'you didn't approach that girl, no big deal, stay happy, keep smiling, you'll hit the next one', trying to keep it light and fun.

Counting game is also great, but if you still don't approach you might want to think up of some punishment you'll have to do when it reaches zero.

I just hope this all talking and playing games with myself won't lead to some weird double personality disorder type of shit, that would be fun though. 'Imaginary wingman, why can't he never close his girl? Chode!'
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