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Hahaha, what a hell, I don't know. NONE of them girls stopped to talk to me yesterday :) 

That was funny. There was a heck of a weather out there, something like a snow storm almost, and the biggest challenge was to actually find some girls that I'd be attracted to. It took me about one and half hour, but I did it! I approached 6 girls. Cool. No 2set though. Not cool.

That sucks, kinda, because I have no story from the trenches to tell. I'll make something happen today.

Yeah, after two days spent chilling and wothout approaching anyone, the hesitation to approach was back again. I missed a couple of really attractive girls.

I also was at the scary mall for ten minutes, just quickly walked through, but haven't approached anyone, there were few girls in there but after walking for an hour and a half in cold, my frequency was very low. So the scary mall got to me again and I left soon.

Today will be better. Same mission, go hit on some 2set as well, have fun.
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At least ya tried man!!!
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