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I was at the mall yesterday. With a purpose of approaching some random ass girl. Right after the intense strength workout at the gym, one has to keep his 6pac in tact yo!

There were a lot of people in the mall, four or five really cute girls I really wanted to approach. But I failed. Serious anxiety took me over and I just didn't do shit, after twenty minutes in the mall it got really painful and I went home. So much for going out. That is my current level, I can't even get my ballz up to approach some random girl in a shopping mall.

Reality check. My worst hasn't got any better.

Quick evaluation: I suck shit at this. All rationalizations aside, I'm just like any other chode, caring too much.

Analyze, why didn't I approach? I know I'm good enough, on the level with cute girls, so why. Like, if someone would introduce us, any of those girls I failed to cold approach, I could kill the opportunity. I am a chill guy and gals usually dig me, cute girls dig me. You know, I have a face that people trust and positive attitude in general but I lack balls to cold approach.

Reasons are simple, I get in my head and care too much, one girl I was going to approach when I suddenly noticed couple of guys looking at her too and my RAS got filled with them and what they'd think. Another girl, she was so fine she just struck me and my mind went blank, thus I missed initial opportunity, but I still saw her in the shop looking at merchandise and wanted to go for her, when my mind came up with 'it'll look creepy, I'll look like a stalker to her'. Brilliant. Another girl I passed, again too many people in my mind were around. I care not as much about what the target girl will think, but what chodes around will think. How pathetic is that.

It's so embarassing for me just to write about this, I feel like some fucking sissy boy. But I promised to be as honest as I can here.

Those girls I wanted to approach but didn't, they haunted me for the rest of the day. I couldn't forget them. I still can't forget the girl I decided not to creep out, I think she would have loved me. But I'll never know. Instead I got drunk on wine with my (ex?)girlfriend in the evening, and received a blowjob in jacuzzi while still being haunted by the bitches I failed to approach. That, friends, is really really fucked up.

Happy Valentine's.
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 Yeah you're fucked up.. but hey i'm fucked up too.... haven't gotten the balls yet, last weekend I was at the club, for the fifth time I told myself:

''Ok bitch, you're going to approach today and there's no excuse''..... See 2 cute girls, one makes eye contact with me and breaks off, I say to myself

''Ok this one looks good and seems interested''..... and here came the problem, I looked around and my friends were there, and the negative thoughts started...

''what if I screw it up and look like a dumbass''      ''what if the girl thinks i'm weird and everybody sees she's unconfortable''

Dude it was over, kept looking around and at the girl once in a while and she still looked at me, then she started talking with some guy, then he walked off, and she kept dancind... She started ti go to the bathroom and as she walked past me I gave her my hand and asked her ''What's your name?''.... At this point I could feel all the crap in my head that i had been building and it just went wrong, she gave me her name and walked off...

The worst thing anyone can do is overanalyze the situation, I guess the only thing you should see is if she's with a guy holding hands or something like that..

The approaches that I've done are completely spontaneous, literally like I wasn't even thinking, just saw my self in front of this girl or this group of girls just chatting with them and it feels great...

The more you analyze the situation the less likely you are to approach, or even if you approach it's gonna probably go awkward...

I have a lot of work to do, and dude I think we both really need to start getting that ego beaten down, just fucking approach until were immune to their reactions, and thats when are true self is going to come out, the one that is going to attract the girls

If you're like me you're having trouble accepting you need the blowouts, but think about it, tyler, jeffy, oozie were crappy at this and had that initial stage of getting blowouts and getting hurt, and look at them now.

I'm form south america so my english isn't the best. 
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Np bro.. Make some goals for yourself like, go indirect with 5 girls for today. And if you failed it, do it again the dayafter. One thing you have to do is go everyday, cuz that momentum will be that push in your back that you need when you start to do it. Also a wing who does approach a lot can help.
Look at my journal for example, I had multiple times i did only 1 approach, or sometimes even none. Now Im doing 13+ approaches daily. And I keep improving.
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 Dude i feel you. I have not approached for 6 days... now just multiply your feelings times 6. Its like I care to much of what people around me are gonna think, and i rationalize how the interaction is going to go when i see them, after i'm done rationalizing, their already far past me. We just gotta step it up and do it dude, that's really it.
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Thank you guys for support. Definetely one of the main reasons is overthinking the situation. Gotta relax  and maybe not to take things so seriously. We'll see, we have to stick at this.

@Full_intent~ I'll check your journal,for sure
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