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I don't know what is more embarassing, a snivel hanging from my nose or my yesterday's post. Both are equally inglorious. Doesn't matter.

Let's work on this shit, time to get back to basics, fundamental stuff. Let's set some goals and think out the way to achieve them.

At the very least I want to become an approach machine. One day I want to approach the hottest chick in some posh night club, just to have the balls to do it, sober, and just stay relaxed, you know, just to try it, whatever the outcome.

How can I do it? Well, what is the number one rule? (from Tim's Transformations) 

Do not give a damn what anyone thinks of you.

Plan: desensityze myself and thicken my skin, get in control of my emotions and deal with my fear of being embarassed and mocked; by going out, approaching strangers, finding ways to make a fool out of myself, get embarassed on purpose and face my fears. Gradually, step by step, I'll start small just to get going.

Whenever I can, go out every day. At least just show up in a place with some girls.

And yeah, my girlfriend will have to go, we'll have to go separate ways, there's no other way. This will be the hardest part.
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And just remember one more think from Tim's Transformations:

How can I make this fun ?

It will be much more fun than humiliation :)
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YES! this too :) very important
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