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Yo. Another day another number.

Day before yesterday. Last set, I'm on my way to my car.

Hot angel face blondie. Waiting for someone. Perfect situation to approach, I still have hesitations, because she's very hot. Go in anyway.

"What are you waiting for?" my standard opener in these situations.

She smiles right away, and says she's waiting for two guys.

 Okay," I say, "one of them has arrived, forget the other one, let's go with me" .

To my astonishment, she says "Okay  and starts walking with me. What the fuck. But I'm glad. I say my name and shake hands. She tells me her name. Then she stops shocked. "Your name is different! You are not whom I've been waitng for!! OMG OMG" Now, I'm really confused, like w-h-a-t t-h-e- f-u-c-k....

So it turns out, she's waiting for a blind date!! Can you believe it! She was waiting for some chode guys (two of them!!!) to go on a blind date, and behold, met a cool guy like me. Must be destiny.

I tease her hard about the whole situation. And because she reacts very well, is friendly and laughing the whole time, and she's hoooooot, I get 'permission' to hit a crazy potent state. I know I know, external factor, but I'm still a newbie at this, so fuck it, I use hot girl's validation to hit the state hardcore.

Obviously she loves it. :) Gives away her number without a second thought and promises to meet with me the next day.

I am feeling like a motherfucking P I M P ! ...

... right until the moment she flakes on our meeting! LOL  

Still not a pimp enough to pull a hot ass chick like that, feels good anyway. None of my friends or people I know can do that, so I'm still buzzing here x-X

Pimp it! Cold approach is FUN.
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