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Get in the car, start the engine running, blast some good old trance like Forever Today, warm up the voice by singing high notes, get to the parking lot, get out of a car and hit on the very first girl you see.

Fail to do that, *embarassed grin*, it was a group of three and I chickened, but I hit on the next one, 2set, young girl with her mom! Awesome, let's go!

I try to strut around like Travolta but it's not working, can't choose a girl to approach, until I finally do choose one, say 'how are you', she says 'fine' after hesitating and acting confused and keeps walking, I'm not warmed and she's not warmed.

Then I chode around some more, for a while, don't know really why, what the fuck is happening, but I can't accept it and make a decision to do three more approaches, and start playing the counting game with myself.

This is a killer technique, really. I approach one girl, doesn't go, then I spot another one, I hit on her hard. Taking this one on seriously. Looking straight at her the entire time, slightly smiling, holding strong eye contact for the entire interaction, which was short by the way, but productive anyway.

'Hi, you have a minute?' um yeah, i do
'I just want to tell you, you look beautiful' oh thank you bla bla
'My name is 6pac' extend my hand, she hesitates, but shakes it and tells her name
'Are you in a hurry? ' yes, actually I am, I have some things to take care of bla bla
'That's a pity' yea, bla bla.
'Let's meet some other time then, what do you say?' um, bla bla, okay
'Do you have a phone?' bla
'Do you remember your number?' bla bla
'Write it down for me, will ya' okay

I hand her my phone, and she enters her digits very quickly. Tells me to introduce myself when I call. Okay, I will, lol. Bye bye. Cute girl, very sweet.

Then I strut like Travolta, grinning. Yeah, baby, next I approach a difficult set (for me), I catch up with a sweet-ass bird from behind and state my interest right away, but she's not interested so it doesn't go. Who cares, right in front of her I approach another one! Awesome, that one doesn't go either : ) 

Fast and intense session, sort of. In conclusion, awesome!

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Smash Adams

Smash Adams


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 great job!

btw travolta looks like a fucking retard. dont walk like that. lol

much respect! keep going hard

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Senior Member

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thanks man!

damn, I thought it looked cool as fuck :D
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