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It happened again, I went out to do some day game and approached 8 girls. I'm very happy and proud to say this, however I'm little pissed that I didn't approach any 2set again, and I choded out on the last hottie I saw before going back. She just had that perfectly sweet ass, and that lusty eyes and look in her face, ughr, damn it. THAT is the regret of the session.

But I did good anyway. Achievement of the session is the big number of approaches ... and the number close ! Yay~

Number Close Report. When I spotted this girl I already had some momentum and a nice sountrack playing in my head, but I still hesitated. It goes like this, I spot a fine ass girl in the distance and I smile to myself, I'm happy but as I'm coming closer and closer to her, hesitation and doubt arises. But fuck it, she's hot and worth it. Nicely dressed and a little taller than me (don't you hate it? I do).

I say 'hi' fairly loud (she's wearing headphones) and get in front of her. She stops, looking confused, taking her phones off. I say, 'my name is <cap6>, I just wanted to meet you' and extend my hand for a handshake, holding eye contact (this is important IMO). We shake hands, she tells her name. Her eyes are grey, looking good, her voice is soft, sounding good. I ask what music she listens to and start walking with her. It's The Beatles by the way. Cool, I can tolerate it.

We keep walking, talking and getting to know each other. Surprisingly (?) she's very normal and comfotable about all this. I escort her to the grocery store, forbid her to buy some biscuits (it's not healthy, duh ..) so she ends up buying some oranges instead. Then we go to the park and eat them.

Instant date!

The girl must find me very attractive for some reason, because I'm doing nothing! Absolutely zero game, just talking and asking questions, well and listening what she's saying. It's still very cold outside, but we walk in the Old Town for quite a long.

This was the longest day game set of my life. Close to an hour or something like that, I forgot to set the timer or alarm clock (that'd be funny). 

At the end I got her number, we hugged and parted (she went home). I offered to escort her, but she declined.
Number is solid, I texted her later 'thank you for an orange' and she replied 'than you for a number'.

I could've escalated harder I think, go more physical, take her hand etc. But I guess I forgot to focus on her, and instead of being lead by my core desires as a man (read, a DiCK), I let myself be lead by my mind, just enjoying the walk and talk with a beautiful girl. Which was fine, a good reference experience.

Oh, by the way, the girl has master's degree in philosophy, hence the name of my blog post. She's intimidatingly smart and at times I felt like a dumbass compared. Aaahh, who cares, knowledge is overrated, right ;)
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Super pimp madness!
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Thank you bro!
But I'm just playing numbers game, really, lots of luck involved in this one
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