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My first real solo night out, I knew nobody at the club. Yet, in the end it didn't stop me from approaching almost everybody. :)

I had some resistance at home (little, didn't let it take over me) and while driving to the club. My hands were shaking a little bit, that's normal, right? :D

Fuck it, who cares. Before entering I approach a 3set outside the club, just a small talk, then go inside and it's shit - almost empty, but I spot a girl and approach her. A friend comes and takes her away.

mmmkay, I kept telling myself "it's great, it's awesome" (be positive) by force, but if I'd be objective, it sucked shit, ALL girls were with some chode(s). And by all I mean 8 or 10 LOL. I get a small glass of beer and sit out to observe and judge the environment. As I consume my beer, clubs fills up a little and I hit the dancefloor. Carefully, I'm alone and I don't really wanna be too aggressive on girls when there are dudes swarming around them.

So yeah, I go light, what I'd describe as a traditional chode dancefloor game which sucks, but I high five some dudes, get more in state, get a warmup grind from a little overweight lady, that gets me harder and even more in state and slowly I relax and dance around for my fun. Because most girls resist my physicality attempts so I just dance next to them, like a gentleman.

Get some serious grinding from a sort of ugly faced girl, but her body was in good shape and I have to admit when she rubbed her ass against my dick, charles got seriously hard. Great success! But I don't wanna get stuck on her and move on. By the end of the night I've approached the majority of girls in one way or another. That's like ~15 or something. Most were very standoffish and unreceptive but who cares, I did that in spite of orbit chodes hanging around.

The best experience of the night - dancing with a very cute blonde MILF, her body is in a great shape, got me hard immediately. I went physical with her immediately, I guess she was a little drunk, so I took advantage of it. Rubbed my dick against her hip like there's no tomorrow. Awesome shit. Went for a make out, two or three times, but she avoided it. Beautiful eyes but silly woman. Asked her for a number, but she said "no, you're too young" and I couldn't convince that it doesn't matter and actually is an advantage. So no close. Damn. Anyways, I see it as a very positive encounter and a success of the night, yeah~

So yeah, nothing very good happened but nothing bad happened either, and I had some good time, some fun and met quite a lot of people, which concludes the night as a damn good one. Like what would be the alternative I could have done, watch porn at home? pfff.

And i was alone, solo, without any support, damn I really rock ! :)

For guys who decided to not go out, sorry, that was a lame decision on your part. Make a better one next time ;)
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Nice dude, very cool to hear your willpower got you control over your emotions. Great FR, hammer in those positives!

If you can, consider holding in set for a bit longer each time and overpower their DURR. They got an autopilot retardedness that we get the pleasure of dealing with... :)
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Thanks man! Definetely will try that, their durrrr state can be really annoying, there were two girls who had their durrr state full on entire night, proud to say I was the only guy they allowed me to dance with them, while blew off all other chodes and me also initially, but I kept coming back at them like four or five times during the night, lol. Got them kind of comfortable with me, but still couldn't break thru that durrrness, even to the point of me thinking "you come to the club to have fun, but you act this way, all rigid and standoffish, what's your problem girls" but whatever, I guess I wasn't all  that relaxed myself after all, full responsibility on the man, yikes.

P.S. forgot to mention one interesting set. One of my first sets of the night was this 2set, of one cute brunette and one not so cute blonde girl. While the brunette seemed to be flattered with my approach (I approached only her ignoring her friend) and giggled, the other told me literally "fuck off, go away, fuck off!!" several times. Nice manners, right? Anyway, what's interesting, that it only amused me, I really didn't give much of a fuck about it, and just laughed it off. Some dude saw me doing that, we high five, chit chat and I have an ally for the rest of the night. And as the night progressed I completely forgot about that b1atch, but remembered it now and thought it was an interesting set :)
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