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 Oi! It was my day off from work and decided to descend from my mountain cabin and go to the nearest town to do some day game. 

That is exactly what I did. Around ten (but probably) more girls approached, I don't really count my approaches anymore, because I rarely get approach anxiety these days and because it is small town and number of girls is limited so I just approach every girl that crosses my path. Yeah, it's cool baby.

Most of these girls don't even speak english, and I don't speak their language so often my approaches are bizzarre and hilarious. Well, to me at least. And it's mostly underage school girls I approach, I can't get too picky, I must hit on underage girls, I'm talking 15-17 years old here. If I only approach girls above 18 I won't get nothing done or I'd have to go for unattractive old and used women. Nah nah nah. The younger the better. I look (and feel) like a teenager myself, anyway :) 

First approach was the first hot girl I noticed, I literally had to go after her, basically run after her, because she was walking in front, for like two or three hundred meters. I catch her up finally. In a grocery store, while she's paying for whatever the fuck she bought there. She's a really solid blondie girl with an amazingly round ass. Too bad her friend is the most unattractive girl I've seen all week long. And none of them speaks english. 
Fuck. Her attitude is as she'd like to meet me but is lost in translation and worries about her friend. I go for physical escalation, it is the last straw for me as nothing else is working, but she resists the claw. 

All cool. All other approaches were pretty much textbook. Got 2 numbers, one from a cute 16 years old with HUGE BOOBS, I could literally feel the boobs pressing against me when I hugged her. She doesn't speak english neither, by the way, not a word, but somehow I arranged to meet her again on Monday. 
Another phone number I took was from a very cute blonde girl. She's 17 and speaks well in english, so it was a relief to communicate. And she's into me. You know that a girl is into you, when her voice is trembling and her palms are sweaty. Hehe, I am intimidating, no joke. 
Solid solid number close. Solid girl too, except for her being still a highschool undergrad. 

I've also approached one mixed set. (one of my biggest fears, for some reason) .. This set was an EYES OPENER for me. How silly it is to avoid mixed set. A guy was a full complete chode, when I came in it was the dude in set who was most uncomfortable. That makes sense, really, even if I go in very low I'm still better off than most of guys out there, just because I'm more used to approach strangers than he is used to be approached by a stranger (for most guys, again). He was so submissive I even felt pity for him and left after a minute or so. I was hungry too and the girl was not that attractive after all. 

Lots of fun, lots of good and positive reference points. 

Some girls loved me, some girls didn't, amazing. 

i want more of this. Peace, I'm out. 

P.S. This is a hilarious song, but I think I'm in love with a girl who's in it. Just kidding (?). 

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