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I have a story to tell ... about how everything that happens, happens for a reason, LOL! (don't pay attention to the title, it's bullshit :)

Being a man of faith is not that bad at all (who else loved John Lock's character from Lost? I did :)).
And being positive. I'm hammering this one down into me lately. Taking up on Tony Robbins' 10 days mental challenge, it's going very well, but yesterday I had to restart it from day 1 because I lost my nerve and - this is reaaallly embarassing, but gotta be honest - shouted at my mom... Really embarassing, dammit. I thought it will be easier, but I hope to get to ten days this time, forward!

After a couple of days in the place close to nature and no internet connection, today I got back to my town and strolled down the streets for some casual approaching session. Not many girls out, but I did it anyway. With Ice Cube blasting in my headphones.

Approach a couple of girls here and there, nothin serious, except one shy girl blows me (or more like herself;)) away hard, which I find sort of amusing. Then - calm. No girls to meet as I wander around with full strut on.

Field Report:

Finally I see a nice girl across the street, but she's walking in opposite direction, fast, and I can't cross the street because of traffic. Shit, right? No, I spot another one, but when I cross the street, she's already gone, into the shop prolly. Shit, right? No, that's where John Lock attitude comes in and saves me :). Everything happens for a reason and that girl would have just wasted my time, and I would have missed on the girl I'm gonna meet.

If I meet her :). Irrelevant, with full faith on I go forward and get real lucky, a very cute girl (best I've met today) comes my way. Awesome! Hit on her, meet her, walk with her, apparently she's late for dancing practice and is in a hurry, so after small talking I just say we should meet sometime, and she's like yeah, why not. So I take her number.

She's still in high school by the way, underage, but she's very hot, and it's legal in my country, I think, I don't know, I need to check that :)

Cool, that makes my day, I know I shouldn't be outcome oriented, but fuck it, feels damn good to get a number of a hot girl. But, yeah, back on track, what's important that I took action. Whoo. And it happened for a reason! yes :) and it was me who created that reason, my actions led me to the great experience of meeting a great girl, not some deterministic bs, of course, but that's a nice attitude to have to keep your state high when things don't go your way. And then, sooner or later, when things do go your way you can rationalize that you're chosen by God. Just kiddin' :) but positive state of mind = resourceful state of mind.

I also had another interesting encounter, met a girl from my high school years and she goes like "wow, you changed so much", cool, she's not that good looking, but she's a decent looker, in a binary system she's definetely 1 and not 0, and I remember she had a hot sister. So she give me her number, I say we can meet sometime for coffee and she goes "sure, I've plenty of time nowadays!". What's interesting is she also told me that she's working two jobs nowadays... Guys, is that IOI ??? I'm confused, LOL

Kiddin kiddin, I know girls love me :) 
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Next time keep Escalation and just make moves ok she's friendly ok she's talking to you but don't get too excited find out more about her just focus on the process rather then outcomes, 

-You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action 

-it dosen't matter whcih moves you make it's just matter you make moves 
''alex natural method''
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