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I got busted by the police the other day for trying to pick up two silly ass chicks ;) or, should I say they tried to. 

What happened was that I approached two chicks in the street, intimidated the shit out of them, broke rapport with zero mercy, ignored all their questions, harrassed them, mocked them, full package of being full asshole dickhead. Well, they asked for it. 

I started off being very friendly and just socially vibing, but no, they were too cool to be friendly with me, they needed to be dickheads to me, so I responded accordingly after that. 

Usually I am always nice and friendly, but what pissed me this time was that these two girls weren't even hot, yet acted like ones. You know what I mean... 

So they ran away and came after with two police guys 8) and said "he talked two us!!" to which I laughed and said "yeah, I regret that". I maintained my cool friendly frame, owned police guys, dissed those girls even more in front of police, send them away, made friends with police and left to approach another girls.

Pick up is not crime, pals :)

Right after this little incident, I approached two cute girls, vibed and shared laughs, got their numbers, arranged a meeting for next day and they walked me back to my hotel. 

Cool evening. 

Sad thing is I can't share this story with no one at my social circle aka working colleagues, just RSD nation blog entry. I need a wing man, cry me a river :( 

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