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 I guess I knew this already, I heard instructors say this many times, I've been flaked myself many times, but still it happens'and I need to remind myself that taking a number from a girl doesn't mean shit. If you get a number, it means nothing, it only means that you enter some random new numbers into your cell phone. 

Phone number will not blow your dick! 


This girl I talked to the other day and got her number. She was really willing to meet again (I thought...). Not really, she doesn't pick her phone, doesn't reply my texts.

But at the time I've got a number, she was all like 'yeah, let's hang out, we must do it, sure, cool, bla bla bla" Whatever. The reason for this is IRRELEVANT really.

I don't really wanna know nor do I care about it for any practical reason. For the love of theory, yes, I'm interested for why it happens and it's been said and repeated many times over and over again by various RSD instructors.  

 But for me, and for other intermmediate guys like me, theory behind it is irrelevant. Completely. What is relevant though is WHY we/you/me ask for and take that number. Why?  Why not go on instant date instead or just let her join you right now instead of taking number and postponing it all to some distant future (which likely is never gonna come)? 

I know for me, I take numbers out of habit, to satisfy my ego and feel all cool and pimpish and at times to justify my early ejection from set. 

Basically just to feel good. And then rationalize about it. 

100% bullshit wack game and I need to stop doing that. Instead, push for a real close right there and then. 

Ok. I intended to write a field report, but look where I ranted to. Fuck, huh. But it's cool to come back to foundations once in a while. 

It's all social conditioning from lame movies and whatnot about phone number being something of importance, when in reality it is not. Getting numbers is EASY. Nothing of real value comes easy. SImple logic = getting numbers is not valuable ;) 

In conclusion: fuck numbers, go for a girl, not for a number. Again, a phone number can't touch your penis! 


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