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 Hit the streets of my fucking boring small town. It is already getting dark, twilight time if you may.

I see two young and cute girls sitting on the bench. I've seen them before, coupla days back in the grocery store but didn't approach then. Today I do it. Greet them and sit them right next to one of them. They do not speak english. Do you speak body language? And I claw the one close to me, very bold and direct move, mind you. She lags for maybe five seconds or so, then suddenly realise what is happening and jumps off the bench and away from me pissed. Her friend is pissed and frowning too. "Bad" reaction, huh. Smile is not gonna work, so I frown as much as I can myself, kinda overfrowning to mock them. It breaks them, now they giggle. But they're not into physical game, and have zero verbal game. Not in their language anyways. Bounce off.

Next. Another 2set. Two very tiny and cute students. These girls are very shy and uncomfortable at first, they're fidgeting their asses off, but I try to be as relaxing as possibly can, and they slowly get comfortable talking to me. Say I can walk them home to their friends etc. No way. Because I see two hotter girls passing by into another direction. Politely say bye to the ones I was talking and walking with, say I'm hungry and gotta go to eat. Fast.

Go after the hotter ones. Into the grocery store on the corner. Creepy one too, weird bums are standing near the entrance and it is dark already. Go in anyway. In the store I see even hotter girl. At first I RESIST the idea, I feel very uncomfortable about, but fuck it – reference experience, right?;)

Excuses aside, I open her. She speaks good english, and has generally friendly and nice attitude towards me. Cool. But she has a boyfriend too. Not cool. I say no problem, we can meet as friends. Basically I just want to get a meeting with her again, and go from there. She's tempted, ponders it over in her mind, but no. Fuck.

Later I see her with her boyfriend, they are eating sunflower seeds. What the fuck? I feel kinda bad and sorry for her. I should have gone in again, and replaced her boyfriend with myself. She's way too cute for the lame guy. But I passed on the opportunity, not enough momentum for something of that bold a move :/

One more notable approach I did : I see a girl I've approached before, some weeks ago, she's on the phone, I say hi, I think I know you from before. Grab her hand and pull her in. She's giggling on the phone, speaks no english though. I hug her and let her go.
Girl was into me, what I should have done instead, is go more caveman like on her, attempt to kiss her or something. This really bugged me, I think I missed some fun experiences there.

Despite that, all is only positive. There's no negatives in this report. As hard as I try to look for it, it was all very light hearted, fun and positive. I just want more of this, push and go harder and deeper.

I can be pretty bold and direct at times, but I am not consistent. Since I don't consider myself as newb, I think this is what an intermmediate purgatory is, or whatever they call it.

Pimp it harder next time.

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