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 Bam, day time street game again, my favorite. 

Stillmatic in my little small but relatively full of attractive young schoolgirls Romanian town with mountains in the background and drunken gypsies in the front. Here I go, my first approach! 

Funny thing is I don't get almost any anxiety (well, okay, I get some...) and approach very easy and naturally at this point when I'm solo. If I'm not solo, then it's totally different. My other people are my biggest sticking point at this moment, at this week. It's not even voice any longer. Voice is dealt with. I can raise my voice if and when it's necessary. But I'm addicted to do this solo and I can't really bring myself out when there are other guys (as in dudes) that I know around me. If they're strangers fuck them. But if it's guys from my work, then I get inside my head, kind of, and just suppress my desire in. 

I know that's gay. Anyway, on to the Field Report. 

I see this very cute, sexy-ass girl and I extend my hand as we pass by each other. She grabs onto my hand. Too bad she doesn't speak not a bit of english, but I hold her by the hand entire time I'm talking to her. She doesn't understand a word, but keeps holding my hand. Cool. It gets me some motion and emotion down there. I pull her in, for a hug, but I'm not clever enough to kiss her in that moment and I let her go. 

Half an hour later I see her again, she's with a friend now. Her firend is kind of ugly. I stick to them and walk with them, speaking, then keeping up the silence. It's awkward but I'm comfortable to be silent and quiet. You just have to imagine and convince your mind that you know them and then it becomes "normal " to shut up and you stop caring and it's all irrelevant anyway. They're not going anywhere. 

After some walking I grab the hot girl and claw her in pretty hard. She complies. I say, "go with me, let's go, you can leave your friend it's okay, go with me, bla bla" . Yeah, I'm frustrated, and I don't have verbal game at my disposal anyway, so that's the only way I can think of. It doesn't work though. She chooses her firend not me, while masses of chodes around stare at me. I smile on the inside. 

It was cool. I see this girl again next day, she's wearing make up and has her hair done, and she is really hot, omg. But next day is another story. 

This day I got nothing except reference experiences. I need to embrace more into a non-verbal communication, express my intent more clearly without words. I may even try some silent movie approach next time I'm out, like no words, just claw. Pure claw. It is growing stronger by the way. I still remember the days I was shy to use a claw on the girls I just met. Silly, absolutely silly. 

Also, most girls I meet here, they have boyfriends. And I believe them, and I don't really know how to deal with it. I ignore the fact, I diss the fact, I make fun of the fact, but the fact remains, and the girls is not willing to go for me. I guess that's the realities of small town. 

I will go out again, and I will get lost in translation again, and I will claw the girls in again, and I will smile again. On the inside of course. You can't let a know that you're happy. Just kidding, I've been reading too much of a pimp books. 

Peace out of here. 

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