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Yo yo, I'm about to document days #2 and #3, so read it up, yo .

Aye. It was in my province town, so I had little selection of girls to choose from, nonetheless I did approach some very hot chicks, I've approached the hottest girls I've seen that day. PROPS!

Bang. On day #2 it was raining, but hell or high water as they say, first set - a cute mini skirt with umbrella. "Can I join you under the umbrella?  No, she says :) Despite that, she did like me and was very willing to chat with me. Didn't go on insta date though, boyfriend.

I dunno, maybe, maybe not, in any case I see it as a very good sign if a girl says she has a boyfriend, it means I come off as a dangerous man who can fuck her or at least a danger of intimacy or romance, and some fag boy who can go shopping together. Aye!

She was cute. Did 4 approaches overall. They didn't go well, but what I liked about them that I took a risk and made efforts to push it, abusing their personal spaces with my voice. That is good.

Chang. Day #3. It's sunday. Streets are e.m.p.t.y. Like, zero people, zero girls. I decide to take a walk anyway, just for the fun of it. Walked for two ours and met three girls. :) But! - all quality girls, all very sexy girls.

Approached a 2set, two hot girls. One very hot, another very cute :) it's always uncomfortable for me to approach 2sets, and I don't really know yet how to handle two girls at once yet. So, I give myself huge respect for my actions. They're friendly and giggling, obviously liking me to an extent, but I just don't know how to escalate. Oh, actually they didn't want to talk to me initially, but I insisted and started walking with them and soon they cracked open. Handshakes, no problem. Still insisted that they want to talk alone, haven't seen each other for a long time and bla bla bla. Bullshit. So I stick. Try to arrange a meeting in the evening with the hotter one, but she says she has a boyfriend (again!! whoohoo). I think she lies, but they both hold this frame, and eventually I leave.

That was FUN. All that matters. Approach is my criteria for success.

Cool. I met one more hot chick on my way home. Big TITS! I mean - wow, and she's lean, it looks like a miracle, really, I'm not lying, it was awesome. Like witnessing some great anomaly in nature :) 

Anyway, she was shocked but highly flattered, very cool girl, hot body (did I mention boobies?!?!) and beautiful green eyes. Got her number.

Number close !

Rock n' Roll. That's it.
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