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 I've just got facebook contacts of a super hot girl! Awesome stuff! 

2set, I was very chill entire time of the interaction, and it was the girls who asked me for my contact info at the end of it. Cool. Of course, I could've asked for and taken their phone number(s), but I decided not to do it, my reasoning being not wanting to come off too needy - as I've showed and stated my interest quite clearly during the set - and I figured that facebook info was solid enough to build a bridge for us to meet again. 

Or at least I hope so :) 

Cause again, the main girl is SUPER HOT. Her friend is very cute too. So I kinda really want to meet her again, and I tried to execute the best strategy I could think of at the moment on how to achieve it. We'll see how it all works out. 

I am trying all my best not to be outcome dependent, but she obviously liked me, and honestly, sex with this girl would take my life to the next level, haha. (Hers too. )

P.S. I've approached these girls after watching Tyler's video on Meditation, maybe that is why I managed to be so chill and normal (I think...) around such a hot hot hottie. 

No joke, I'm thinking about starting daily meditation habit :/ 

KEY POINT(s): there's only one - go out and cold approach, it is worth it ;) 
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