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 I was holding back this report for over a week now, but fuck it, time to share it. It is embarrassing. Is it really? I don't know, actually I would like to be embarrassed, but I don't know.. Ok, who cares. 

I had a day and an evening off. And I took my ass to the downtown/oldtown (it's the same shit in this town) when the sun set herself down and the darkness landed upon. Beast mode is on! 

Made tons of approaches, I remember. Got some good reactions, some laughs, some cold faces and frowns. All was good. Did some physical openings. Overall, I was pretty well off that night, and things looked good and promising to maybe even find some nice girl. 

Instead I found two prostitutes. Eventually they introduced themselves as hooker girls. It was funny cause I approached them thinking it's just another 2set, and I even had to plow thru the initial defenses to get them interested. And then, out of blue, one them ask "Do you want sex?"  LOL.. 

Because I did, I had to pay for the blowjob :/ It was pretty good too. And then, after, I had to project my voice into the best breaking rapport tonality I could do to throw them hoes off of my hotel room. 

I guess I was really frustrated for some "love". But then I got angry and pushed them out. Then I chilled and meditated for 20 minutes. Daily habit. 

Here it is, quite unusual field report. God bless Romania. 

Now I will be paranoid all girls are bitches :( 

Key Point: don't be a sucker, be pimp (next time) 
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