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  Hey there. I will keep this short and to the point :)  

I did several fun sets this day, but the last one stood out extremelly for me.  

I see a 3set walking towards me, 2girls and one kinda creepy chode luring behind them. One of the girls is on the phone, that is perfect because I approach directly the hotter looking one who is not on phone and available to talk. 

I go in very direct and talk only to her at first. Shake hands and hold her hand. Then I greet her friend and say that I will talk to this girl, that I like her. 

Creepy chode becomes very defensive and comes in of course. I greet him, say 'whats up mate' and then just totally ignore him. While he keeps claiming they're in the hurry and I shouldn't talk to this girl. But I like this girl. 

 Clearly, my target girl is feeling a lot of social pressure and is uncomfortable (i'm a little bit uncomfortable too, but manage not to show it). But she holds my hand, means she likes me. Okay. I say to her girlfriend (totally ignoring creepy chode, dude's too creepy and weird, I didn't feel much love to him, not to mention his cock blocking nature..) 'can I talk to your firend for 2 minutes?' and they all keep saying 'no no we're in the hurryy bla bla bla'. Maybe they're are.

But I keep repeating 'just one minute, one minute, one minute ' to the friends and the girls breaks finally and says okay : )

 So, I have my girl for myself to work on, cool. I say, 'I realise this is awkward and weird, but I really like you and I want to get to know you better, I understand that you've to go and I don't want to keep your friends waiting, but we should meet later' I take her number and say that I really want to see her again. I really do, she's super sweet and cute girl, a bit shy but that's understandable given the situation. It was kinda bold apprach. 

We part and I text her later 'sorry if I made you uncomfortable in front of your friends, but I really like you and had yto do it and want to see you again'. She texts back. I don't remember what, but something positive.

In the evening she calls me and want to meet. Solid solid solid.

This is how you get solid number close. By approaching MIXED SETS ;) 

Do not be afraid or intimidated by sets with guys, most of them dudes are just creepy weird chodes or gay. So it's all good and to your advantage, really.

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Thats scary man. You got balls to go into that set.  Good going though on the number close.  You rock!
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