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What the fuck, seriously. This was supposed to be a [FR] post. It is not. Well, I went out allright and I've approached 4 different girls, but these approaches, well, they were lame, not that I was lame, I was cool as always, but the way handled my walk ups, that makes me vomit and tear my hairs out after the session, it's just I do not push anymore.

as if it's a fcking joke, no intent, no soul, no heart, no dick behind my approaches, their made of shitpaper. I approach and I eject, without even trying to push interaction in any way or direction. And *that* is LAME. Yesterday for the first time I felt like I'm wasting my time.

what the fck? My brain will need to realise one thing though, I will keep going out and wasting my time in this fashion. Whatever it takes. To hell with results, I (or whoever possesed me ]=)) don't even want them apparently, so it's all about the process.

Funny thing is, I've already been down this road before, so essentially all my inner resistance is futile in the end, I know I will break through it, sooner or later. I just hope it's going to be sooner rather than later.

Actually when I think about it, it's such a shame to waste my youth and wits NOT pimping, that I immediately start to blush. Maybe I'm a shy guy, but I have a different vision for myself, not-shy one. So what the hell. I will keep banging my head against the wall up until the point where I can finally explode, for better or for worse.
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