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Wassup guys. Happy Easter! Kind of late to greet but never late to celebrate.

Friday night I hit the club, with my good buddy back in town. Feeling a bit of shitty, long hard day and other bullshit, just come home from long drive, throw my stuff inside, change my hoodie into a sexy designer sweater, apply some cologne, leave the dirty jeans on, clean my shoes a little, grab a handful of almonds, munch them and head out.

Venue is pretty hot tonight, a lot of cute and hot girls in the house. Music is half shit, half amazing, who cares. I go and meet my buddy inside, plus some other dudes. I get a beer and we vibe it off and sit talking (not that much, actualy), but it is low and slow. I'm just chillin' and not making any moves, watching girls dance on the floor.

It is so fuckin common, right? Not taking action when you're out with your buddies, just boys night out, eh? Fuck it. Eventually I get tired and bored of sitting and not doing anything except watching, get my ass up and dive into the heat on floor.

Glory. Approached 10+ girls that night. It's a small club, so it felt like I've approached almost everybody. Got tons of rejections, two very hot girls litterally walked away from me, bitches really pissed me off at the moment, like what the fuck, you're walking away from me??? But it's cool, it's cool. All cool, got some good sets too, some grinding dances, close ups. 

No closes though, but it was a great night nonetheless. Grinded down one hot girl who was in club with her boyfriend, I just extended my hand, she took it, I spin her and I in her, heavy grinding, I'm about to make out with her, and then she leaves me, and a minute later I see her holding hands with some chode. I try to take her again, but she can't.

Awesome anyway. Oh, I also hooked up my buddy with some girls. He's a good looking well built dude, but has no game, or should I say, he doesn't game and has little experience. He just won't approach. So I go in first, and he comes in later, introduce him, and later leave him with girls, he danced with them all night, but didn't push further, while I was embarassing myself approaching every other girl left in club, haha.

Now that I think about it, I was outcome dependent all night, I just wanted to touch grind and feel those girls, and some got creeped out by that, but some liked that. It's all good.

Sunday (Easter).  I meet my old buddies again, and we go for a ride around the town, catching up on each other and talking men stuff.

Later in the night I decide to approach some girls in the street, outside the club. One of my friends is willing to wing me, cool. We see two girls standing waiting for something and we hit on them. I introduce myself to one of them, then go and hug the hotter one. Right in her face, holding her hands I talk to her, and she seems to be enjoying it. But before I can proceed further their taxi comes and they jump into the car. Cockblock & Co Taxi Services, 24/7.

I'm hooked on emotion by now and I want more. In the horizon I see a 3set, and I drag my friend to run after them. Slow down, when we get closer, don't want to scare them, it's 3am after all, so it takes a while till we catch up with them. 2 girls and one guy. I open them from across the street. Then run over to their side and introduce myself to everyone. My friend just follows me, but doesn't even introduce himself, just walks beside me, which is fine, I guess. He's shy. I'm not so much, I don't know why, but there was little to none approach anxiety.

One of the girls is a very hot blonde, the other's not, more like a piggy girl, you know the type. The dude is, uhm, he's fine, the dude is alright, was more like a spectator. I talked almost exclusively with the hot girl only, she was pretty firendly and receptive, but not involving in my romantic game shit, not willing to look me in the eyes, touch me or anything. That's understandable, she doesn't want to be judged by her piggy girlfriend and that third guy, plus there's my buddy besides me, and it's after 3 am in the morning, and she's probably tired.

It was a good set anyway, I think she liked me, laughed at my jokes, vibed a little, and ... we could have totally bed each other :D
...but, maybe some other time. I let them go home.

We get picked up by our friends and go home.

Great fucking night. I had a massive headache all throughout the day but totally forgot it while chatting those girls up. It's amazing how much potential our bodies have to cure themselves in the times of need. A need for fun!

All is good brothers, as you see, I've not completely retreated to meditate in a cave ;)

Thank you for reading, feedback, comments and everything else is welcome!
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