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Yay, day game again! Pump my state up in the car singing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs and then, descend upon them streets like Zarathustra from the mountain.

Except my state gradually evaporates as I walk in the cold streets with cool wind blowing through. Poooof... No girls that I'd like to talk to. By the time I reach the main shopping street and Old Town, where those girls at, there's no state left to talk to them. I wander like a chode, bitter, saying hi to maybe three girls only.

My mind comes up with all kind of brilliant ideas, like 'you'll do it tomorrow', 'you'll do it when you move to a different city' etc etc. NO. Nein nein nein! Nicht, I have to do it today. To hell with personal jesus, sometimes you need to summon personal hitler, to kick your ass.

Hot Blonde ahead.
I'm not in state, fuck it, at least say 'hi' and hold eye contact. I do it and she stops! I pause, kind of confused, smiling at her, it's all funny, and it kinda wakes me up from lethargy and I proceed with direct introduction, 'hey, you seem really cool, i want to meet you bla bla, where you going, fine, cool, i'll walk with you'.

Bam, sounds mechanic by now, but I really mean it all. And we are walking together... to some pizzeria/cafe. I get a milkshake, it boosts my state and it's all good. I try to be relaxed and chill, but damn girl, she is hot, type of girl I used to be so intimidated by in my teenage years. Not a blonde by nature, but her eyes are light, which is perfect for her face.

I try to shoot the shit, but my vibe is too serious, can't really get myself into that fun bullshit talking mode, plus we're sitting across the table so I can't touch her in any way, my arms too short. The only state booster left is my milkshake which I finished already. Sucks to be me.

I'm kidding! I think it's all pimp moves, like, if that waiter chode knew that I only met this girl ten minutes ago, well, he just would not believe it probably. Instant date is badass, doesn't matter that it gets me nowhere :) .

Out in the street again, she doesn't want to give me her number, I push push push, but end up giving her mine, saying it's 9876543210 and she saves it! LOL. And then tries to call me! I stop laughing and say I gave a wrong number, show her the number she saved and she laughs and pretends to be pissed (maybe she is, I would be..), I give her the right number, hug her and tell her to call me. She probably won't, but I don't care.

It ended up to be a long set, so I have no time left and have to go home, but I'm in state now, so I approach two more girls. Quickly.

One was standing by the traffic light, it's one of the situations where it felt uncomfortable for me to approach, but I did it and it went well, the girl loved it. Traffic light approach - CHECK.
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