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New week, new field time. For the last fortnight I've been out 11 days out of 14, took a day off on Sunday and felt like god on rest. eLOheL. But starting monday I'm back at work.  With a happy track in my mind.

It is comical and great for good attitude, though yesterday I was tuning 'love is in the air' :) but who cares.

I am out in streets, it'a beautiful day, sun is shining, I can finally get some Vitamin D and smell the spring (I live in damn Arctic Pole!) coming, not much females around, but you only need one at least, right? Warm up by asking directions, one two, then hit the main street and hit the main girl yo.

[Cool Blondie] Good looking blonde, blue eyes, hot body. Wow. Not the model type hottie, but girl next door type of hottie. My type. Lock her eyes, smile and "hey hi!", she stops and classical 'do I know you?' comes out of her mouth. *SIDE NOTE* Disregard this question at all times! It's not worth answering it, it's a stupid question and who answers stupid questions? yeah, only stupids* I just go "yeah, I saw you, and I just really want to meet you, my name is 6pac", handshake with eyes locked, "where do you go? cool, I'll walk with you". I guess it's standard, but I said it from the heart, really meant it. 

Start walking and talking, connecting, teasing her. This girl is cool, just has that vibe. Ask what she's doing later, take her number and promise to call her later for a meet up.

[Drill Ground] Bam, several minutes later approach another one, from behind this girl looked even hotter than the cool blondie, but from the front not so much, she's nice though, definetely attractive, just not my type exactly. I open with the same "hey hi, I turned around, I saw you, I have to meet you know' you seem cool, nice and bla bla, only this time I don't really mean it. But she buys it, smiles all the time and basically loves it. I take her on an Insta Date for a walk to the lake. I am muthafuckin drill machine. I walk, talk and tease her and pump her state just for the drill. Take her number too at the end. She makes me call her phone, I don't want to do it, but oh well, I say "just don't call me for any reason" or some shit like that.

Then I open another girl, she freaks out, I walk with her but she's visibly shy and uncomfortable about the matter so fuck her. Eject. Some girls are not visually worth it, you know.

Walk back to my car and call the cool blondie up. She picks it up, her voice is so damn sexy on the phone, I love it. We agree to meet in fifteen minutes.

[Day1te] Awesome stuff, we go for a walk around the lake, it's a beautiful day out there, warm, I tease her hard, she tries to act upset about it, which I know she's not, I find it all cute though. I'm not physical with her, I'm not that physical during the day in general (limiting belief???), I hug her couple of times, take her by the hand and lead her to walk on ice, she squeeze my hand, good sign.

I have to say this girl is really cool, fun, healthy (none of that smoking bs etc.) and she looks good too. So I enjoy this walk. At the end we hug and kiss, peck on the lips only, no make out, and she runs away. Whatever, it's all good.

I also tried to contact [sister girl] from saturday night, but she doesn't respond my texts and doesn't pick up the phone. Deleted the shithole bar's bartender's number without ever contacting her. She's not for me.

I'm meeting cool blondie today. Let's see how cool is she.
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