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I can mack them girls solo in a night club. And even better than in the streets, my verbal game pretty much sucks, so I open with the CLAW. Only if my claw could talk. 

Ok, I'll try to make this a quicker one, but a lot happened so it can get fairly long.
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[Black Swan] was my set of the night. [Sister Girl] was my success of the night.

My friends chode out (hangover...) to go out, so I'm left alone again. Damn it, I feel very lonely last days. Good news is my good female friend is in town and she's having her class reunion at the club. I guess I won't be totally alone. Little did I know then, that I would have been better off alone...

I watch The Office, right before going out I watch Julien's vid about Massive Action and Diving into the Unknown and at 10.30PM I leave home. Shout and sing in the car to unstifle my voice, park it in front of the club, and here we go, the moment of truth. I haven't been in a night club to game for a long long time. Fuck it, let's go.

[Get in] I get in and am happy to see it's almost packed. Breathe in deeply, exhale, and with my jacket on I dive into the dance floor. Open some 2set, claw the better looking girl, claw her fatty, spin the fatty, turn around try to hug the hotter one, no go, hug the fatty, next set, open, claw, my name is 6pac, handshake, she doesn't want to shake my hand, I insist, spin her, claw her in, she gets out, tease her friend, awesome, spot a 100% blonde 2set, go in, they're hot milfs, cool, claw one of them, handshake, then the other one, then dance, then eject.

[Sister Girl] I feel warmed up. I see a girl I've seen somewhere before, it's a 2set, go in, I say 'I think I know you from before', she remembers me too, think, think, think, oh yeah, last time I was at this club I approached her sister, it was months ago. This girl is hot, her firend is even hotter probably and she tries to shove me off and introducing me to her friend right away. Like what the fuck. She's cool too, but I take the sister girl and lead her to the dancefloor. She doesn't want to go, but I say c'mon, I'll teach you to dance. I still have my jacket on, finally take it off, leave it at her table and time to dance.

We get physically close and touching right from the beginning, dancing close to each other and grinding, I feel my dick rubbing against her tight body, I'm sure she feels it too. But she's avoiding my eyes, can't really kiss her, not to mention her firends' pack is right behind us, I can tell she cares about them, but there's no place for isolation, it's a small club. So we dance. Then I decide to go look for my friend, take the sister girl's hand and lead her around the club.

I find my friend (worst thing that could happen that night), she's dancing with some chode, I claw her in with one hand, while still holding my girl's hand with the other. I try to talk with my friend, but the speakers are right beside us, so I don't hear a fucking thing. I take a sister girl to the bar, buy myself a weissbeer and sit in the more quiet place to talk and connect. This girl is into me, and it's on.

[Hit on a married girl]
But I leave her with my beer and go to open some more girls. 5 or 6set on the dancefloor, I go in, disregard the group and only open the most sexy dressed girl, direct, with a claw around her waist, handshake, she says she's married and shows me the ring, okay, wow. Eject. Look for another set but I see my friend and go talk to her, join her class reunion group, which is a bunch of big chodes and two more girls, one whom I also know.

[Bitchy friend and Drama begins]
This is when my friend starts to bug me and preach me how bad I am, who's that I was holding hands with etc, what about my girlfriend etc etc. She's also drunk, so it's full throttle too. At first I just laugh it off and change topics, but she keeps on pressing me, and I get really pissed. What the fuck, why are you doing this. Leave her be, go back to the sister girl.

But it was just the beginning, all the rest of the night she was stalking me, literally, and bitching me about it, constantly asking who's that whore. Also acting fucking needy, asking to dance with her. I did, but no touch going on from me, while she is constantly poking and touching me in one way or another. I mean, she's pretty hot herself, and in the past I even wanted to get with her, but when she's acting like that, fuck you bitch. Plus, sister girl is hotter. Plus there are more hotter girls here.

Obviously my friend is jealous and into me too, though she has a boyfriend too! She even texted me asking to go dance with her in the club. She's also drunk, so next time we do dance, she tries to undress me on the dance floor (can't blame her for that one...), spank my balls couple of times and grabs my ass. It becomes clear why she's asking 'who's that whore' all night.

But I just don't go for her, it's not our night, it's me and the sister girl. However what she says next, really pisses me off, she starts threatening me to write my gf on facebook that I was 'with that ho'. I just can't take this anymore, 'do that, and I'll delete you from my friends list'. Fucking bitch.

I hate to admit, but she ruined my state, and I was in such a good state. I try to rebuild it. By the way, sister girl said she's living alone, you know what this could mean. She's also drunk by now, I offer to lift her home and she says fine. But asks to wait for fifteen minutes. She's a bit colder to me by now too, probably because I was approaching other girls and she saw it all. But as far as I'm concerned we are leaving together.

[Black Swan] However I don't stop. What I did next, I'm really proud of. I notice a real solid hottie. Like wow, black dress, black hair, tall, elegant, got that sexy female swagger. I hesitate. I sit at the sister girl's table, the black hottie is going to dance floor. I have to do this, gather up my courage and go after her.

She's dancing with her two girlfriends, also hot, but not like her. I flinch, luckily she doesn't notice me flinching and I go in, open her with a claw, ignoring her friends, 'hey, I noticed you, I think you're very hot, I want to meet you' handshake, she looks astonished, confused and say 'so let's dance', sure, let's dance. Isolate her from her girlfriends, I completely ignored them, fuck that group theory. She has a beautiful name too, but says her friends call her by a nickname, which is Swan. No shit, she kinda looks lika a black swan, lol. Damn this girl, so sexy and hot, taller than me, great bottom, big eyes, sexy lusty lips, and I'm dancing with her, holding her hands. She breaks all further escalation though.

What I'm thinking is, which is really fucked up, 'damn, this girl is hotter than my girlfriend'. I don't know what my league is, but she is probably out of it. And this girl likes me. I spin her, pull her in occassionally but she keeps the distance, know what I mean. She's fine holding hands though. I try to move her from the dancefloor, but my leading was kinda weak I guess, I was more of asking her to go than leading her to go.

Basically, I'm tired at this point, my state is gradually crashing (that friend got to me, also the beer is draining my energy too), and I don't think I can close this girl so I leave her. Haven't seen her anymore, she disappeared in the night afterwards.

[State Crash]
Sister girl is stalling, drinking her wine, saying twenty more minutes and we can go. She saw me dancing with the black swan, I don't know if that impressed her or depressed her. I don't really care anymore. My bitchy friend keeps stalking and bugging me on every chance she gets. My state keeps crashing.

I go and open one more 2set. With claw, but claw is weak by now, the girl creeps out, what I'm thinking is wtf, it worked on a black swan and you don't like it? and ask ' why are you so unfriendly?', hit on her friend, try to hug her again, but she WALKS OFF. Hahaha. Massive blow out. Rejection, fuck yeah! Love it.

Later I notice the sister girl passing by, grab her hand, and pull her in for some grinding session in front of that girl who walked off from me. I can see the girl is watching me, like, staring at me. Ignore her, you don't walk away from me and then stare at me, have a wet dream, bitch.

I'm so bitter and pissed at that point, I say let's go home to sister girl, but she starts giving me bullshit how she can't leave her friend who's drunk, and her firend doesn't want to go yet. Gives me her number though.

I'm tired, hang in a little more, but I can't find black swan (I was looking for her...), so I say goodbye to my friends, say goodbye to my sister girl, say goodbye to the big bouncer dude, shake hands (I need to befriend those guys) and leave the place. 2.30AM I'm out of here.

[Some final thoughts]
. It was interesting how fast I hit my state (a lot of thanks to sister girl) and then how it crashed just as fast later in the night.It was a combination of things I already mentioned in a report, why it crashed, as well as probably the simple fact that I'm just not used to it.
After black swan my intent was also down, I walked with a limp dick for the last half an hour, even sister girl didn't turn me on no more.

All in all, it was fucking awesome; needless to say, I was the guy who did most approaches in the club :D eclipsed all the chodes. Peace out, Brothers.
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