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Hit the streets again, predator style, looking for silly rounded ass preys. Evil grin!

Yesterday I made a couple of cold walk ups, though I could've made more. There were very limited number of girls around, but I could've scored more. Irrelevant now! Images of the girls I did not approach try to haunt me, but I try to focus on what's positive >>>> a cute girl who stopped and took her headphones off to talk to me, and another who self - rejected herself, she's shy, I extended my hand fr a high five, but she got scared and frowned :DD

oh well.

Today was even better.
I didn't count but it was about five approaches I did. One number close. The girl is hot too!

Field Report:

I spotted two girls at the traffic light across the street and they split up, one went in my direction the other one away. But she's hotter, so I go after that one. Follow her till I catch her, very nice ass blonde, amazing hair. I approach her from behind (less comfortable for me) and say hi, my name is pac. She is very cute, and I'm a bit nervous.

But she gives me compliment, she says "your not local probably, locals don't approach stranger girls like that" and I'm like, fuck yeah, I'm not local, I'm from RSD Town! :) 

Anyway, we go to the bus stop where she waits for a bus to go home. We flirt, or I flirt, she's not giving back much, but I stay in almost against my will, you know the feeling when you want to eject yourself prematurely and run away from pressure? Well, I'm very proud to say I fought that feeling down and stayed in.

I took her hand, looked in the eyes, and said she has the same color eyes as me (truth), we have something in common. I feel a window in front of me, like I could pull her in, hug and maybe even go for a kiss, but I don't and the window is gone, I let go of her hand.

Damn it right. I try to arrange an instant date or a meet up later, or the next day, but it doesn't fly. I'm very nervous and I'm rocking back and forth all over the bus stop, my body language was terrible I guess :) 
But I stayed in and went for a number close. And I got it, can you believe it how easy it is :)

Her bus comes, we hug goodbye and maybe we''ll meet someday again. Or not. I try not to care.

I felt awesome, my state was uuuup. Too bad there weren't any other girls around on my way, fucken province right. Focus on positive it's cool. Got a number of a very hot girl. Awesome.

I rock :)
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this reminds me as tyler said emotions comes like a wave same thing were happened to you maybe you want more breathing work  i guess, by the way great work dude so inspirational.

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