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I had my day2 yesterday with a cool blondie chick, first day2 in a long while, and you know what? cold approaching is a LOT MORE FUN.

Maybe this day2 was boring, or maybe I was boring, or maybe it's because it was with the sun high up in the sky, I don't know, but first time with this girl was so much more fun. Maybe she's not the right girl for me (of course she's not, duh, i'm a playa for life yo!).

Anyway, we decide to meet up before I leave my hometown, she's late, so I've only have 40minutes to spend on this girl. And I don't know what or why I'm gonna do, there are many girls swirling in the streets (spriiiing!!) and I wish I'd rather spend these minutes cold approaching those others. 'cause deep down I know this is going nowhere, I'm not gonna lay her during our date and I know that this is probably the last time I see her. But fuck it, make decision to have fun anyway.

Which I actually do, I have fun, she has her fun, she doesn't admit that but she likes to be teased, she's a girl. She keeps saying how much she hates me, but you know what it really means. We just shoot the shit and part our ways.

Back to my bigger city, I go and hit the streets up right away. I feel good, there's very little approach anxiety/hesitation to approach left, I care little about anything, do couple of warm ups and hit on super attractive bird. She is so, sooo awesome. So friendly too, she greets me like she knows me (that's impossible, I'd remember her), so comfortable about this, like it happens to her all the time. So I ask, and she says, yeah, she gets approached by strangers two or three times a day. LOL, that's funny.

I walk with her to the bus stop, we talk, she's super chill and fun girl to hang with, hands down amazing. She has the sparkles in the eyes that I find so attractive, if you know what I mean, like she's genuinely happy person inside. Personally, I can't resist it. 

The bus comes however, which she doesn't notice at first, but being a fool I am I ask 'isn't this your bus?' and she says 'oh, yeah, that's mine!' and runs to it. I chase her and catch her arm shouting 'hey girl, wait wait, give me your number girl', but she doesn't. I could have jumped on the bus with her and continue this adventure, but I was too slow at processing what is happening around me.

Next time! Push harder and be more adventurous, aye~!

I did 6 approaches in total, two of them from the heart, others were half-assed efforts. It was fun though, all good.

But I need to move to a different city, can't take this more seriously when my girlfriend lives here and can't leave my girlfriend yet. More on this next time.

If you read this and have any comments, or feedback, good or bad, you I know I really appreciate it. Peace!
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MAN very inspirational
reading post like your makes me believe that if i keep approaching sooner or later i will have fun approaching because rightnow i enjoy approaching but i still need to force my self to go out and i still have lots of approach anxiety.
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