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Some quick report from the field from the very unknown town I was in for one day on my day off from work, Alone. 

No friends there, no guidance, no map, nothing. What's the right thing to do? Go and get some cold approaches done and get lost in the beautiful Old Town doing that. Gun to my head (imaginary, let's say...), LET's GO! 

Approach -wise I go crazy. Opening girls left and right. It is day time by the way, but the main street in center is FULL of GORGEOUS GIRLS. Amazing. Except the fact that most them just ignore me. FUck. 

Amp it up. I try to speak louder. Open one girl from acroos the street! She just smiles and keeps going but I get unstifled. I try some physical opening, extending my hand and try to claw the passing girls a couple times. They giggle, but no. 

I claw one girl by the elbow, cute tiny little girl. She is very shy, says doesn't speak to them strangers like me. I am dangerous stranger, hahahaha. I persist. She's not down. NEXT! 

And next and next. I open LOTS of girls. Got one phoine number too! Which, I didn't follow up, because I am stupid lazy. I fell asleep, not only missing the possibly awesome meet up with a vey cute and sexy and stylish and sophisticated girl (all good except for her missing tooth... no, i'm kidding, she is very fine little woman), but I also overslept night game time and possibly amazing night out in an amazing local infamous club. FUCK!!! 

I was quite angry at myself. But not for long. I love myself at the end of the day. Almost always. Cause I did good job. ANd I got lost in the town too! 

good fun timez. Peace & love brothers. 

Key point: Just get it out, speak up a little bit! Girls must hear you and acknowledge your presence. Feels damn lame to be ignored ;) 
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