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It was a long, ridiculous and fun day. I feel tired a little bit (I blame it on my day game - I walk a LOT during my day sessions...), but it feels good. 

It's [the post] probably gonna get fairly long, I just feel like writing today, so if you don't want to read it all just read the section my crazy 2set in the night. Else is mundane.

[Day Game] I kicked off my day with some day game session, as usual, fifth day in a row for a second week in a row. Awesome. Approached a lot, mostly just warming up, but I hit on some hot girls as well. I don't know, I did a lot of approaches yesterday, something around ten, maybe even fifteen. Lost my count. Approached one really hot girl, it was my "girl of the day", I spotted her across the street, walked to the other side, got in her face and said 'hi'. Sexy dressed blonde, she said hi back to me, stifled, but didn't stop to talk to me. And I didn't walk with her. Chode :)

Nah, it was cool, just implementing the habit. None of my sets were serious. One thing is, the luck factor is huge in the day, most of them girls have agendas and are busy, but the other thing is I don't push it enough. I don't play to win. Now this can be improved.

[Night time] So I go to my 35k people hometown and couple of my old friends. There's only one night club in the town, and they don't wanna go! To be honest, I'm a bit scared to go there alone, so I agree to go there tomorrow with them, reserve a table and all, because that was their argument, 'we won't go if there are no tables to sit at, we won't stand at the bar', and they want to drink. 

Fine, I'm a bit disappointed, but we haven't seen each other for quite a long time, so we go to some shithole bar next to the gas station in the outskirts of the town, because all other normal places are already closed, except that night club. It's a small town, province. Place is a piece of shit, it's also empty - we're the only clients, but the bar girl is cute and sexy (big tits! too bad she's short though), I'm friendly with her right off the bat.

My firends get a bottle of vodka, but I'm driving so I just get one beer to hold the drinking vibe, nah mean. Apparently it's their second bottle today, they get totally shitfaced, start fighting with each other and breaking things, glasses and stuff. This is all pretty funny, bar girl's face is priceless and I can't stop laughing. But the party is over. They pay for what they have broken and I lift them home.

So I'm alone, what do I do? Go back to the shithole and cute bar girl and try to pimp her up! Solid plan, I go back in. She's surprised to see me back, but I push through the uncomfortable, get to know her a little, we talk for about an hour (no clients, she's all mine), I charm her, arrange to meet on Sunday, take her number, double hug her so I can feel her tits pressing against me and leave the place.

Go to the club. I go in, but their closing in 30 minutes and are asking for full entrance fee. Bunch of assholes. So I just try to be friendly with the bouncers and leave. *sigh* tomorrow....

I still don't want to go home, but the streets are EMPTY, it's 2.30 am and just before I give up and go home I get lucky, I see two girls walking by themselves in the night, hence my

[Crazy 2set in the night] I horn at them girlies, stop by them and waive but they completely ignore me. Fuck, I go around the corner to park my car, jump out of it, and go to face them in person. I say 'Hi, don't get scared, I just want to meet you girls'. They try to brush me off, but I walked in and I STAYED IN like champ, really. I was bitter about my lost night session so far, and these girls are tipsy and good looking, they turn me on so I have to give myself in. And I do.

I interrupt them, I plow through their excuses, I get physical right away, start with the handshakes and introduction, then I hug them, and what do you know we are walking together in the same direction now. I keep harassing these girls, hugging them, poking, teasing the shit out of them and they slowly try to admit that they like my company. They ask what am I doing here alone in the night, try to pick up girls, and I say no, just the beautiful ones. They laugh and they love it. Well, I assume so.

They are going home, but now I take the lead and say 'don't go home, home sucks!', the hotter one, she's also more drunk, agrees, 'yeah, home sucks!!' Awesome :) I take them to the park by the lake, group hug!! Good timez! What sucks is that it's still very cold outside, especially by the lake, and I hate it so we get out of there.

I try to invite myself to go home with them, they just giggle it off, pull them push them, call them lesbians (they like it), constantly touching them in one way or another. But I realize they won't invite me to go home with them, so I stop them and hug 'em both, and say 'I want a kiss. From both" hahaha, they struggle to get out, but I hold them in. Mothafuckin DOUBLE CLAW! I don't know, my state is through the roof, I'm just not letting them go home.

The hotter girl gives her cheek for me to kiss, 'no cheek! the lips!' then she turns her friend's cheek, but I ain't kissing no cheek, I say kiss my cheek if you want to. Then I let the friend go and hold the hotter girl with both hands, trying to lock her eyes, but she's avoiding my eyes. The friend, by the way, just walk off  and keep walking, while we shout come back at her. My clawed girl is screaming (well, NOT for the police, lol, she's screaming AND laughing), I can tell she likes it but at the same time is looking at her friend and avoiding the make out. We kiss anyway, just a peck though, no make out, damn it.

My claw lose focus, release the girl for a second and she struggles away from me and RUNS to her friend, gigling and singing. And they're gone. HAHAHA.

Unbelievable. I walk back to my car (loooong walk back, alone in the night) and go home. I had my adventure.

For some of you pimps out there this is probably nothing, but for me this was big. Not even the outcome, but how I handled that set. I PUSHED it hard and went for a kill like a man. That was really fun too, chasing them girls and pushing through their initial defenses.

Amazing experience, I want to find a way how could I do this full time. Because this is the shit. Thank you for reading, it was long, but it's important to me.
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I think this is great..

I find it's hard to know how much your balls, entitlement and confidence are growing, except by watching your own behaviour and realizing that it must have taken some balls to do it. On that score, you're doing fucking great..

I don't know what more, if anything, a really seasoned pua would have done in this situation. At any rate, even if you didn't get into the palace this time, you drove right up to the fucking gate :-) 
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Smash Adams

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 "home sucks!" love that line. great job. Pushing it like a fucking boss.

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