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Today was one of those "busy" days. It's all bullshit fucking excuse of course, but I really felt like I have no time left for going out. Bullshit. Tyler said, everyone can go out for at least 20 minutes a day. WORDS of WISDOM. 

WOW. What an epiphany, I know. But really, most of the excuses to not go out is petty bullshit. So I look at my watch and go predator mode for twenty minutes. Streets of my province town aren't safe these days.

Field Report. Not many bitches, ahem, girls are out, it's normal, and I don't put my headphones on, so no soundtrack - I have to draw state from within, haha. Allright.

First cool girl I see, I say 'hello' and she ignores me and keeps walking by me, that pisses me off to be honest, so I say 'hello!' again, this time in a different tonality. Verbally I said 'hello' but I really meant 'you better stop right now', in all of BR's glory. ANd she stopped, shocked but smiling, and turned towards me. Wow. Tonality is huge.

It's probably my main sticking point right now, tonality. If I could get myself to project my voice like this every time... One day motherfuckers, one day I'll show you :) However, most of the times I don't do it, basically because I am what Julien called "Permission Boy  in his last article, at the moment. I've to admit that, I'm looking for external permissions way too often. But all in good time, as they say.

So yeah, that was huge lesson here for me, power of tonality, amazing.

Next girl I talk to looks very young, and I ask for how ols is she, and she's under 18, so fuck off, I'm screening hard now :D

The third was the best (momentum?). Cool chick, cool dressed, beautiful body, very cute. She's down to meet me right off, stopped to talk t me no questions, she's from out of town, and I'm leaving today as well, so I try to arrange a day2 next week, tue or wed, and she's cool, down for it. Awesome we vibe a little, let her enter her number in my cell, very smooth, nice n' easy, I take her by the hand and pull her in for hug. That feels good.

Another lesson, I'm very effective at getting numbers. If I talk to a girl for longer than a minute, I almost always end up getting a number, talk about high batting average! LOL. Not that it's a big deal, but I just want to praise myself. Another thing is that I don't follow up on those numbers, most of them are solid numbers but I don't set up day2s. For one reason (logistics) or another (gf). Whatever, I'll push it thru.

So that was my 20mins session, very fun, very awesome, cold approach pick up is amazing, I'm outta here, peace!
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awesome post bro! You are right there is always time for going out. Sometimes I dont even know why i put like the gayest excuses not to do it... but i just had to push myself further
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nice work man
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