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Really, is it? Doesn't feel like it, this week.

The week started great but then, somewhere along the way I lost it, stopped moving forward and decided to stagnate. Yesterday was terrible, I had close to zero motivation to apprach girls, still got out of house and went to field.

I said 'hi' to four girls. One in shopping mall, others in da street.

I was walking so fast I almost injured my foot.

Emotional down ville. Apparently my mind can't take me living with one girl and approaching others at the same time very well. Pathetic financial situation I'm in doesn't help here either.

I'm becoming a bitter man, fuck. Today, however as I write this post, I'm in a happy state, chill, slept it off I guess.

p.s. How did I spend Friday evening? In a grocery store! Take that..
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