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 Yo nation, I have some advice for the people who don't get out of their cubicles much. Fuck it, this is AMAZING advice for EVERYBODY. 

Go to the nature

Turn your cell phone off, go barefoot, deep breathly, shout some nonsense into the air. Seriously. The best thing you can do to get into that feel good state. 

Do that for yourself. Going for a hike to the forest won't get you girls, but it will make you feel good, you'll get flow of good emotions and happiness. And this is the very reason why you want to get girls (MAINLY). So don't wait for girls, go outdoors, go to where nature is and FEEL GOOD RIGHT NOW! 

P.S. I just got back after a barefoot walk in the wild beach, with a strong wind and stormy sea attacking me constantly, and I have a smile on my face so big, I only have after a really good blowjob. Speaking in RSD fashion.

Get out into nature. You'll thank me later. 
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