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Summer kicked in, and it is time again to review, evaluate and reevaluate my actions and goals.

Without further ado

o Summer Challenge. Main thing. I've started it and been going out cold approaching for 4 days in a row already. I wanted it to be smooth and beautiful but it's hard and ugly.
Just get it done. It's not gonna be easy though, mostly because of logistical issues, but I will give it my best shot.

o Loud Voice. My projection and tonality got slightly better in last week, which is really cool. Mainly because I am focusing my attention on using voice more than before. That's all it takes really - conscious efforts. Realizing the benefits of loud talking, realizing you've permission to loud talking and then remember to talk loud. Get a habit of talking loud.
I get much better compliance from people when talking loud, so it's worth my while to get it into my unconscious competence part of brain.

o Physical Supremacy. Even though I'm still down few pounds, I've regained my full previous pre-India strength. And being few pounds light is not a bad idea at all for my plan to run a marathon race later this year. Have to take care of my precious joints!
Eating well too, so it's all good. It's going to be a summer of good eating, lots of sun and barefooting (strengthens hamstrings and tendons, helps to prevent common injuries!) as much as possible for me.

o $ income / business. On hold. For the period of summer my focus will be on performing well at work and doing everything in my power to get the social edge. Hopefully, I'll get paid, I'll get bitches, then I turn my focus on my business dreams.

o Get a Job. Done. Got a well-paying job. Next goal is perform great at it, and develop strong work ethics. And, as the old saying goes, 'Be Happy in Your Work!'

o Contribution. I'm trying to contribute in small ways that I can. I'm recycling garbage, delivered some food to poor and homeless, trying to help people online (projects like couchsurfing.org), helped my grandma in a farm, saved a bird, and providing RSD Nation with blog posts and field reports :)) That is all good, keep it on.

o 10 Days Mental Challenge.
I have completed Tony Robbins' positivity challenge and continue on with focusing on solutions as opposed to the problems and to what's positive as opposed to what's negative. And I feel great.
Let's get those emotions handled and working for me not against me. Emotional Mastery FWD!

That is all y'all! In conclusion, it's nothing less than awesome this life, and it is only up to me to live it fully. Bang it on, PIMP IT  '_'
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