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Weekly stuff. It's personal. I'm just being pro ecology green and saving paper, hehe.

It's been a great week overall, plenty of quality jerking off time (well, I need to cut that) and otherwise it's wonderful, it's green everywhere, it's beautiful, I'm back on my track, wasting lots of my time, being productive from time to time, and it's awesome.

o Summer Challenge. It's going good, I started cold approaching again, which is getting me some social momentum going, keeping my teeth sharp and ready for 92 days of embarassment and adventure. Social marathon. It's scary but exciting.

o Loud Voice. I'm trying, lord knows I'm trying. Still a long way to go, but I have to keep on trying to speak louder in every of my interaction. It's going well so far. All I have to remember is "be louder". Consciously bring it up often.

o Physical Supremacy. After three weeks of being on vegetarian diet full of flour, grains and sugar, all I have to say is believe the hype of Primal Blueprint and other paleo diet advocates. If you want to be physically strong, that is. I've lost good part of my fitness and power. Watch my diet, cut the damn flour out, minimize the sugar and it's gonna be awesome, a dream of doing a muscle up will become a reality.

o $ income / business. This is where I'm fucked though. That's one thing I have many doubts and uncertainty about, as well as a lot of disempowering beliefs and rules. And damn lack of clarity and discipline. Thing is, if I don't put my full focus on this and work my ass off to change it, I will never be $uccessful. I just gotta take it way more seriously and carve out time for this.

o Get a job. I looked at a few ads, but have to be more aggressive about this one too! Goal is to find one before the summer.

o Contribution. I'm trying to be a good and positive person as much as I can, I helped my grandmother, and considering RSD Nation as my church, I'm trying to give as much value to my church as I can. The goal is to give out the best of me for free, just for the fun of it.

o 10 Days Mental Challenge. It's going very well, I'm on my 3rd day already :).

Boom!, that is all. I'm off to read a book and search for a job after.
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