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Month off is past, one of these days I'm hitting the field again. Promise.

Evaluation.  [of april]

My financial situation is just as bad as it was month ago. Actually it's worse now. It sucks, but now it's obvious I'll have to get a job and work for somebody else again.

My situation is frustrating. I still have an ongoing relationship with my girlfriend, which I really care about, BUT I want to dedicate myself to pimping (fancy word for getting social aspect of my life handled and exploring the wonders of opposite sex), not to a relationship. Hence, the conflict. Need for a change is a must now.

India was awesome. I love travelling, and I think I learned a lot from this last trip. Gained some new perspectives of looking at life.
Also, the concept of "Damn, how lucky I actually am" was aggressively right in my face almost entire time I was there. I have no right to make excuses or blame my environment. My environment rules, as compared to where I could've been born.

now to the Goals. Yesterday, on the plane I had some time and I wrote down few of them, only the most important.

o Summer Challenge. That's a challenge I want to do by going out every day for the entire summer. 92 days. That is my social goal.

o Loud Voice. I want to be louder. It's not a physical issue but a mental one, so I will consciously try to speak louder in all of my interactions. Until I bang it into my unconscious part of mind.

o Physical Supremacy. I'm already in a pretty good physical shape, but I have a momentum going and I want to keep it going. I want to become stronger and I want to run a marathon race this year. This of course includes healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.

o $ income/business. I don't wanna work my entire life for somebody else, I want to be able to provide for myself by creating something of my own, producing my stuff. I want to be my own boss who pays salary to me.

o Get a job. Until I get my own business up & going, however, I need a job, I can't feed on dust.

o Contribution. Contribute my services to my church, offer value to those I care about and those whose not so lucky.

That is all! Stay positive and have fun!

P.S. I also started Tony Robbins' 10 days mental challenge, where you have to stay positive and in a resourceful state of mind the entire ten days, without any dwelling on negative thoughts, patterns and other mental poison type of bullshit. Challenge is on, I'm on my second day.
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