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No game for me during the weekends. Weekend is time for being a good boyfriend, staying home and keeping it home.

That is sad however, I already miss the state I got from approaching in Friday. Tomorrow, fellows.  

So I'm using this time off to evaluate my game. Quickly. I went out 4 days this week. Monday I approached one girl. Then for three days I approached zero, and on Friday I approached several girls, seven I think. That's pretty good, because game-wise it was the most intense week this year. Cool.

My game? There's little, I struggle to approach, but some girls respond friendly and warm, so it's not that bad. I'm a little nervous and passive approaching, but that's normal. Actually it's pretty good considering, and it will get better. I just have to approach more.

Next week I'll try and beat this week's record of made approaches. Go out every day from monday to friday and just go for it. We'll see how many I can approach.

That is all.
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Man, you're gearing up to be such a pimp. If you don't mind I'd like to share a couple thoughts.

Approaching during the day can be really fucking tough, but there are ways to make it a ton easier! At least they have been working for me :)

1) having a certain number of approaches I want to make, then making them. If I say two a day, then I'll do two a day. Even if they are terrible.

2) Making my only criteria for success approaching. Even if I get blown out, don't get the number, she thinks I'm a creep; I was successful because I approached.

3) Eye contact. Holding eye contact has boosted my game ten fold.

4) Smiling. Finding a reason to smile while chatting a girl up not only boosts my state, but also helps her become attracted.

You're a champ man. Don't beat yourself up; you'll be noticably better sooner than you think... if you keep going out consistently!

For example: I broke up with my gf of eight months 51 nights ago. I started working emmediately. I've gone out every night for the past 51 nights and here are the numbers: I'm dating and sleeping with 4 women, I have to dump a fifth cause I'm not really attracted, I've pulled about four times (only one of the girls I've pulled is actually a part of my rotation). I've approached between 150-200 women, my social circle has doubled, and lately I've been getting better at getting at least a makeout or a number every night I go out, even sometimes during the day... numbersthat is. Daytime cold approach makeouts is still a work in progress for me.

I'll be gaming during the day more. honestly for me it is harder that night game. But keep going out!!

God luck with the gf thing!

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Hey BOSS, of course I don't mind!  These are great thoughts you shared here, I also consciously try to do 2), 3) and 4), but sometimes forget to, I just don't have certain numbers of approaches in my mind, so far for me even one approach was a struggle to do, but I may wanna try and set a number to approach today, I'll see how it goes.

I read your blog also, it's awesome, 51 night in a row is just badass, inspiring shit. I wish to reach it some day too.

Day game is harder for me too, but now when I think about it, it's not that bad, can be fun too.

Thanks for the feedback and support, man!
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