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Talked about for ages, in philosophy, literature, arts, modern arts, self help industry and in every teenagers' diary.

The thing that you think make you special in some way, but that everybody else has it too.

Inner demon and inner saint.

You and your mind.

Logic and emotion.

Wild man and family man.

Champ and chump.


It shouldn't distract you from your purpose. Everything in its own time, there's time for being a hunter and a time for being a farmer. Or whatever you like and want.

It's probably impossible to get rid of duality and be all "good" for example, but do you have to be all "good"? It's not necessary.
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6pac stop with the useless keybordjockeying and continue in the field. You're doing great
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YES SIR! that's why I love RSD guys - always on point :) I'm going out today
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