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Yesterday I was out again. In the streets, again. With a mental note to have fun, and not giving a shit about the outcome pretty much and guess what happened? I had a damn good day. Accomplished my mission, 6 approaches, 2 number closes. Fucking solid.

A lot of time I was just walking around with a stupid grin on my face, straight, looking forward. It's more fun this way. Also positive self talk, this is very important for me. Since I go out solo, the self talk pretty much defines how I feel and if I have any fun. And just enjoying the environment, the people, keeping it light.

Quick Field Report [FR]. First girl I approached, I hesitated and had second thoughts just before walking up (actually, this happened for every single set today, I hesitated every time before approaching) but I do it anyway. She's waiting for someone, so I ask what does she wait for. It's her sister who's late. Cool, I say that she's cute and I just wanted to meet her. We talk. I love her accent, reminds me of my best friend. I bet she likes me but it's cold and starts to get boring waiting for her sister, so I take her number and eject, off to the next little adventures. Cute tiny girl, I'd love to meet her again sometime. The number is solid by the way, she texted me back right away.

My state is high. I meet another girl. She's not my type though and I can tell she's uncomfortable being approached by a stranger like me, so I congratulate her with a first day of the spring and move on. Next is very classy and very well dressed woman, she doesn't stop to meet me. I guess I don't have enough class.

Then I spot this beauty, she has headphones on, but we have eye contact, I smile and somehow I go in anyway. She hesitates for a moment but takes the phones off. I introduce myself and state that I think she's beautiful right away and say that I just wanted to talk to her. She likes it. I ask where she's going and start walking with her. We talk, chit chat about different things. What I don't like that she starts smoking, I hate tobacco. I tell her it's unhealthy. I say I have to turn here and we stop. I comment on her eyes, it's a mix of green and brown, very pretty. Look her up and down, this girl is pretty hot, damn. I ask if she wants to meet me some other time and after thinking a little bit, she agrees that she does. I ask for a number and write it down.

Cool chick, she's hot, and I have to be honest I wondered how come I was so chill and relaxed. Afterwards it felt like I can kill in this game for real. The number is solid as well, I texted her this morning and she replied me. I want to meet her again sometime too.

Awesome. I was feeling almost high, so high I started to chode around and stopped approaching. Got in the head again and became outcome dependent again. I wanted another result, I was also looking for a 'good' 2set for my mission and my state dropped gradually. Finally I just choose random 2set, say 'hi' and eject, the hotter one turned aound curiously, haha.

On my way back to the car I spot this good looking round ass blonde, we wait for the green at the traffic light, I hesitate and take no action. We cross the street, and I'm like fuck it, she's worth it, and approach her from behind asking if I can meet her. She says 'no, I'm taken', haha, 'married?' she laughs but still not interested to meet me, and I don't push, I'm glad I approached her at all.

It was amazing day as it is. Two numbers, two solid numbers from good looking girls! Wow, that's what I'm talking about. Both of them I was about to leave unapproached and pass on the opportunity but went in anyway, and it was well worth it. 

Today I have to go at it again. Somehow forget the last day and don't try to improve on my results, just focus on the actions I take, just approach 5 girls. And have fun. That is key.
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