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After a week of zero attempted cold approaches, this morning I approached a girl. In cold snow (blood). 100% cold.

I was walking a dog in the neighbourhood. So it was a dog approach, let's call it doggy style. There are not that many people outside in the morning in the suburbs where I live, so I was already losing hope when I noticed a female. I stopped and waited, while my dog took a nice shit in the bushes.

Too ugly. Nah, not gonna do it. I'm not rationalizing here, she was way below golden average standard (GAS), in her forties and a fat ass. I'll better be miserable and lonely, fuck this.

I was about to cry, but I noticed another female far ahead. Hmm, this one seems legit. She's walking in my direction, so I start walking in her direction. Some fat bloke is walking behind me. I get a little anxiety in my stomach, you know, "the butterflies". But I have to do this, I focus on my breathing, trying to breathe as deeply and calmly as I can. Cool, "Hi there!"

She stops immediately and greets me, looks at the dog, looks at me and smiles. I ask her name, she says her name, then I introduce myself and shake hands. I say nothing more, silence's on her, "What a beautiful dog", she says. Friendly girl, GASy too. Doesn't have a hot body, but pretty cute and has big beautiful eyes. Don't remember the color though. But at least I remember her name.

We chat a little, like two shy teenagers, she says she has a dog too, some-strange-longname-terrier, I ask where she's going, bla bla, she asks me if I live here, do I walk here often. So she's interested, but I still was feeling a little nervous. Not too much though, I didn't overtalk, like I do when I'm really nervous. She was the one to break the tension, said she has to go catch a bus. I didn't try to stop her, so we parted and went in opposite directions.

I didn't ask for her number, because I didn't really want to see her again to be honest, she was alright, fuckable but I don't want to go through the texting and meeting up for a date bullshit with this girl. However, I should have asked for number just for the sake of drill. 

Like Tyler says, guys learning the game are the only ones in the world who want to be liked by the girl they don't like. That's okay, I got my validation. I'm happy and proud to have made a cold approach in a cold street. It feels good :) 

Mental note for next time, remember the eyes color.
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