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New week, new opportunities.

I am going out today to do some day game with a little goal in mind, just for fun, just to try it out, I want to approach 5 girls.

I also want to share the old school saying, which goes like this: To get good at this, you have to go out and approach. And first 1000 approaches do not count.

Personally I think this is hilarious yet golden and priceless. So I thought it might be a good idea to commit myself to do at least 1.000 approaches in my life. Big commitment!, that's about 1000x more than my uncle did in his life, but he has a kid already and I don't, so I have the right to be ambitious. I commit. May the entire population of RSD Nation be the witness of this.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ... whatever. Fuck beauties, be the beast! ayee
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