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What can I say, it is working, this little blog thing, it got me to do an approach!

With temperature being -16'C outside I approached a girl on the street, you got to give me some props, 'cause I almost froze my balls to death searching for one!

I went for a walk in my 37k habitants hometown, in winter, in the snow, all alone. I do something physical every day, but yesterday I wanted to mix it up with something social, so I went for a walk. I could count on my fingers how many other people I saw outside, walking beside me, irrelevant however. 

On the way back home, I spotted a girl standing near the grocery store in front of a market. At first I thought, prostitute! but then I thought that it is unlikely in my hometown at 2p.m. in the afternoon. So I stared her down, strong eye contact, she responded, couldn't get her eyes off mine, but she was talking on the phone, so I just winked at her, smiled and went into the grocery store. She's cute too, definetely not a prostitute. Also taller than me, oh how intimidating.

I walked a circle of doom around the grocery store and went outside. She's still on the phone, her back to me. Unspotted I go into the empty market, go for about one hundred meters than turn around and go back to her. She's not on the phone anymore. I pass her by and say 'hi' from a distance. 'What are you waiting here for?' she says 'hi' back to me and says that she's waiting for her friends. Cool, I can wait with her. I come closer and start a conversation. General stuff, what she's doing tonite etc., talking slowly, with pauses and keeping the tension on her. She's very responsive, so we exchange numbers and agree to a meet in the evening, she even calls her phone from my cell, I'm surprised how into me is this girl. I thought I came across as a rusty midget in the snow. Wrong, I am cool pimp in the ice. (well, not exactly but ...)

After couple of minutes I hug her and leave her. I get a rush of blood into my dick from hugging, that's how you know a girl is hot. Remember it's damn cold outside. As I walk away and turn around to look I see that her friends just arrived to pick her up. Nice timing.

However, that turns out to be a fake, she's willing to text me but not willing to meet me when the evening comes. Getting all weird too, saying she doesn't have a place to live from tomorrow, no money and other problems. What. The. Fuck. Is she trying to punk me or what, I don't really know. Fucken drama, I need NONE of that shit in my life right now. I wished her good luck, thinking that's the end of it.

This morning, however, she texts me again. Asking for money. Fucking whore. That was my first cold approach in five months, first street cold approach in years, this was supposed to be beautiful, and that ruined everything, now I hate it.

Just kidding.

I don't really care, that was fun. I just hope she won't ask for my money again.
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