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 Okay, so I have been meditating daily for about a month now. Cool stuff. 

I want to share what I have got out of it, what I learned and realized about meditation from this past month. Again, keep in mind, it's just my thoughts on it as a beginner, you might have a totally different experience from it, especially if you're "advanced" in it. 

But here are the benefits of meditation from my perspective: 

1) Meditation builds your willpower.

Try and sit idle for 20 minutes without any kind of external stimulation. If you're not used to it, it's fucking hard, lemme tell you! I mean, currently I am working at soul destroying (literally) job, working hard every day, YET when I sit down late in the evening to do my meditation bit, it feels like there's nothing harder to do in the entire world! It is the damn HARDEST thing I do all day. (Again, I'm not used to it, some of you with more experience or more "presence" in their lives might just laugh at this) But for me, to sit idle, shutting the mind off from popping all those thoughts - it takes A LOT OF willpower to so. 

And I notice my willpower actually increased over this month, not much, but it definetely got stronger. I have much more control over my thoughts and emotions than one or two months ago. 

2) Meditation helps you to realize (actually, it's more of, "shoves it right into your face") that you're a stimulus junkie. 

It shows you that you're ADDICTED to external stimulation. (Again, if you're not then you're not...) You realize that you're running on autopilot most of the day! When you sit there trying to focus on your breathing and clear your mind, and different thoughts and same mind patterns keep popping up, you get to see that you don't have as much control over yourself as you probably thought you have. You even catch yourself scratching or biting your nails, very much alike just as some drug addict. It's painful. You feel almost like stripped down, in torture and you'd rather watch some youtube video than do this. 

How's this a benefit? First step to recovery is realizing that you actually do have an addiction. I know I've denied it for YEARS. 

3) Meditation slows you down. 

Mentally, of course. If you do this, emotions slightly lose their power over you, mental noise clears up inside your head. You get yourself more centered internally. 

That is especially huge benefit if you're doing meditation in the evening, before bed time. As it slows you down and you get much better quality sleep that night. 

4) Meditation increases your self love. 

You start to realize that it's all there is, and that you only have yourself. That your body and mind are the only things that you will always have. So you better love them and take good care of them. Kind of. This one is hard to explain. And I'm still not sure if meditation is the cause for this, or I'm just becoming more narcissistic because of some other reasons. 

So that is it. I just wanted to share it, share some love, y'know :) 

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Im going to set a goal to meditate 20 minutes everyday. starting today.  Thanks for the post
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