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 Yeah baby. I can approach like a madman. Seems so. Haven't been in field for a couple of months, went out yesterday to the streets and approached about 15 girls or maybe more. No problem. 

Super excited about this. 

I used to FEAR cold approach. Well, it is not the case anymore. Got a phone number from a very cute girl, a hug and a huge massive boner. Haven't touched a girl for like two months, so it's very nice feeling, to feel the female body again. Even if its just a hug. 

My opener was 'I love you'. 


KEY POINT(S): there's only one - approach the very first girl you see when you're out. If you miss those first girls, your pretty much done. (for beginners)  
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Montreal PUA

Montreal PUA

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 Hey 6pac, I totally agree with you about getting momentum right from start. Lately, I've been doing a lot of mall game in solo mode and its easy to get stuck in ur head if u dont keep opening. I used to be hardcore in the game last summer and could open any chich, now that I got back into working 50+ hours a week, I get approach anxiety again. I have'nt used the I love u opener yet but will give it a try. It's got lots of intent and I think if done with the right tonality/body language, should work well.
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It's always awesome when you come back to the game and feels femine energy awesome work dude ! 
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