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... another bunch of approaches. 8 approaches, couple of 2sets, no outcome.

One set was alright, she liked me and was blushing, which I don't know how to handle shy girls, I like them more when they are aggressive and confident, but anyways, no go, she said 'I can't, I have a boyfriend' in her sweet lovable tone of voice.

Later I lost my momentum, lost my swagger, got in the head and my game was dead, buuut I got myself up to tease some two ridiculously hot girls and got them laughing but I just ejected, couldn't mentally handle it. They were the hottest I've seen yesterday, and probably this week. Both taller than me (well, I'm kinda short, I guess..), dressed like models, too fucking intimidating. Arggrgrgrhhhg!

But here's a tip! Those really hot girls, they are almost always happy about the fact that you talk to them, they are more friendly than those who are less attractive. Most of the time. Not always.

I'm doing alright I suppose, but I have to go harder. And be more social in general. Don't value judge so much and interact to less attractive girls for momentum building sake. Go for more challenging sets. Amp it up slowly, nice 'n eazy.

Tonite I hope to hit some night time venue, it should be interesting.
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