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Felt physically destroyed all day, I think I caught some cold while kayaking, or the damn beer poisoned me, who can know for sure now. Anyway, only woke up at noon, that's living the life yo...

Met some friends, talked a bit and went for a workout on turn bar. Ever wonder why my nickname is 6pac, lol? Physically I'm killin it, I was eating shit for the last couple weeks and still am pretty strong. Damn ma, I really like to bra'.

Afternoon, I drag my ass into the field and do some socialising. Three approaches. There weren't that many people in the streets, I'm in my small town again. Two of them approaches indirect. That's something new. One girl was clearly underage, ouch. Don't report me, I held my claw to meself.

A girl I directly approached walked away after thinking for a couple of seconds. I laughed out loud.

I wanted to go hit the night, but I was lonely on my own, chilling in the night, making videos of myself, and after an hour long discussion between my champ and chump, chump took the upper hand. 'cause I was kinda on the chump's side this time. Didn't go anywhere. A lot of funny thoughts came up, like, I was afraid for some reason I will get my ass beaten if I go. Strange, huh.

I'll go out today. I promise.
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